#284 Lunch and Taxes Behind the Scenes
Twelve years ago, filmmaker Paul Wizikowski created a series of five short videos contrasting the absurd complexity of the income tax with the elegant simplicity of the FAIRtax. Read More.
#283 More problems for the IRS
This special episode of FAIRtax Power Radio is the first one featuring the new FAIRtax Guys 2.0. From this point forward, Bob Scarborough assumes the role of co-host following the loss of Ron Maiellaro. Read More.
#282 Hear the Sizzle
Once again, Jade Walle steps in as co-host. After checking out more craziness at, Jade and Bob pay tribute to Ron Maiellaro by reviewing one of his earlier creations--the FAIRtax "Sizzle Points". Read More.
#281 Meet Dan McKaughan
This week, John Gaver, author of the book "The Rich Don't Pay Tax...or Do They?" steps in as co-host and honorary FAIRtax Guy. Read More.
#280 Steve Hayes Answers Your Questions
This week, AFFT President Steve Hayes steps in to co-host this edition of FAIRtax Power Radio. Read More.
#279 Meet Alex Stovall
FAIRtax Power Radio's series of interviews with candidates who have signed the FAIRtax Candidate Pledge continues with Alex Stovall, one of the youngest Congressional candidates in the country. Read More.
#278 More on the Marketplace
The FAIRtax Guys interview Mike Simmons, the architect of the new FAIRtax Marketplace. Listen closely as Mike explains it all. Read More.
#277 The All New FAIRtax Market Place
Jade Walle fills in for Ron Maiellaro who is on sick leave. Bob's first priority is a very scary income tax proposal that would give the government just way too much power over our financial lives. Then Bob and Jade discuss another "What would happen if..." scenario. Read More.
#275 FAIRtax and Income Inequality - A Close Look
In a special edition of FAIRtax Power Radio, CPA Jade Walle focuses on the hot button issue of income inequality. Just what does that mean? Read More.
#274 FAIRtax Power Radio Live in Winston-Salem
The FAIRtax Guys were live on location in the WTOB studio in Winston-Salem, NC. Read More.
#273 The Global Minimum Tax - Another Bad Idea
After paying tribute to another incredible FAIRtax warrior who recently passed away and their weekly exploration of tax proposal madness via, The FAIRtax Guys dive into the subject of a Global Minimum Tax. Just what is it? Read More.
#272 Who Is Jerrod Sessler?
Who is Jerrod Sessler? He's a candidate for the US House of Representatives. Watch this episode of FAIRtax Power Radio to see why Mr. Sessler is running for office. Read More.
#271 A Felony at the IRS
After their weekly visit to to demonstrate more tax madness, The FAIRtax Guys use recent articles by Politico and Pro Publica to point out two of the most serious problems with the current federal income tax. Read More.
#270 Once Again, The Flat Tax Is NOT The FAIRtax
You've probably heard it said, "We need a flat tax or a FAIRtax!" as if they were the same. Read More.
#269 The Many, Many Advantages of the FAIRtax
There are many reasons supporters love the FAIRtax. That’s because there are many benefits to the FAIRtax beyond a superior tax system. Read More.

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