#260​ Tax Troubles Today
After responding to a question from a viewer The FAIRtax Guys turn their attention to recent news reports which illustrate the serious problems with the current tax system and how the FAIRtax will fix these problems and make life better for all American citizens. Read More.
#259​ Putting the Squeeze on HR 25
The FAIRtax Guys continue with the Key Points Summary of HR 25, The FairTax Act of 2021 written by Kerry Bowers. Read More.
#258 HR 25 in Thirteen Pages or Less
The FAIRtax Guys review a document, written by Kerry Bowers, that condenses the 130 plus pages of HR 25 to a plain English, easy to understand summary of only 13 pages. Read More.
#257 Tax Payer to IRS: Keep the $285,000
The FAIRtax Guys respond to several viewer questions and suggestions which help to further point out the advantages of the FAIRtax. Also, the IRS wants to refund $285K to a taxpayer who says "No, please don't do it!" But will they listen? More income tax madness on display. Read More.
#256 Relative Purchasing Power
In responding to a question from one of their viewers, The FAIRtax Guys investigate where the figure of 22% compliance costs came from. Read More.
#255 The Young and the Relentless
In this second part of their report from CPAC, The FAIRtax Guys' interviews include two youth oriented organizations that seek to give college age people a pro-American view. Read More.
#254 Spreading the FAIRtax at CPAC
Taking advantage of the relocation of CPAC to Orlando, FL this year, The FAIRtax Guys put themselves right in the middle of the action. Read More.
#253 Lunch and Taxes
The FAIRtax Guys use five short videos produced by FAIRtax supporter Paul Wizikowski to demonstrate the important differences between the income tax and the FAIRtax. Read More.
#252 The IRS as a Weapon
Instead of merely collecting taxes, some members of Congress wish to use the IRS as a weapon against their political opponents by submitting outlandish tax change proposals. Read More.
#251 The VAT: Another Swamp Tool
Most of this episode is an interview with Steve Hayes, President of AFFT, on the subject of a VAT (Value Added Tax) as proposed by Senator Ben Cardin and how it compares to the FAIRtax. Read More.
#250 FAIRtax vs. the VAT
The FAIRtax Guys review more proposals submitted by Congress to further complicate our income tax, the future of the FAIRtax movement and a proposal by Senator Ben Cardin to add a "Progressive Consumption Tax" to our income tax. But just what does he mean by "Progressive Consumption Tax?" Read More.
#249 The Biden Tax Plan vs. the FAIRtax
This is a special edition of FAIRtax Power Radio featuring Jade Walle, CPA and AFFT Board Member. Read More.
#248 Ripped From The Headlines
Who was the businessman who defeated the IRS and got elected to Congress? Yep, score one for the good guys! Read More.
#247 The All Important Prebate
The Prebate is the key to fairness with the FAIRtax and yet some people still do not understand its importance or how it works. Read More.
#245 A FAIRtax New Year Rewind
Happy New Year. In this episode The FAIRtax Guys rewind to July of 2020 to review an important milestone in the FAIRtax Power Radio history - the launch of the FAIRtax Power Radio Network. Read More.

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