#304 FTPR Speaks with Mo Brooks
Congressman Mo Brooks from Alabama is a well-known figure in American politics. He is also a very strong FAIRtax supporter having been a cosponsor of HR-25 from the very beginning of his tenure in the US House of Representatives. Read More.
#303 Meet Milam Langella
Milam Langella is the third of the three primary challengers to incumbent Dan Crenshaw in Texas district 2 to sign the FAIRtax candidate pledge. Read More.
#302 Walle's World Fairtax vs. Flat Tax
In this special extended edition of FAIRtax Power Radio, CPA and AFFT board member Jade Walle presents the first Walle’s FAIRtax World of 2022. When discussing alternatives to the Federal income tax, many people will say the answer is either the FAIRtax or a flat tax as if they were practically one in the same and functionally interchangeable. Read More.
#301 Taxpayer Bill Of Rights
Last week the FAIRtax Guys found an unbelievable piece of insanity on page 76 of IRS Publication 17. That’s the document intended to give individuals all the information they need to know in order to fill out their 2021 Federal tax returns. So, thinking that there must be more gold buried in those 140 pages, the Guys continued digging and found this little gem—The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights. Read More.
#300 You Won't Believe This
In this milestone episode of FAIRtax Power Radio, we take our first look at for 2022. As usual, what some of the Congress Critters want to put in the tax code make the best arguments for pulling the whole thing out by the roots and replacing it with the FAIRtax. Read More.
#299 Meet Jameson Ellis
FAIRtax Power Radio’s first candidate pledge interview for 2022 is with Jameson Ellis another candidate from Texas District 2. In an interview with FAIRtax volunteer John Gaver, Ellis shares a rather fascinating story about why he decided to get into the race and then expounds on some of his reasons for coming on board with the FAIRtax. Read More.
#298 2022 Where We Stand
For the first time, FAIRtax Power Radio opens a new year with a snapshot of where things stand in the FAIRtax world. This will serve as a benchmark that we can look back to as the year progresses and see exactly how much progress we are making in moving the FAIRtax forward. Read More.
#297 2021 Yearend Wrapup
As 2021 draws to a close, the FAIRtax Guys first pause for one more remembrance of our fallen colleague and founding partner of FAIRtax Power Radio, Ron Maiellaro. Read More.
#296 - Meet Martin Etwop
Of all the candidates who have signed the FAIRtax Candidate Pledge, Martin Etwop has perhaps the most compelling story of them all. Born in Uganda, Martin recalls childhood memories of receiving boxes of food marked “Donated by the United States of America”. Read More.
#295 Meet Thomas Watercott
Thomas Watercott is running for Congress in North Carolina’s seventh district. He is also a long time FAIRtax supporter and one of the latest candidates to sign the FAIRtax Candidate Pledge. Read More.
#294 An Economist's View of the FAIRtax - Part 2
In part 2 of his interview with FAIRtax Power Radio, economics professor David Kendall looks at some of the alternatives that have been proposed as replacements for the current Federal income tax. These include a flat tax, a value added tax, and of course, the FAIRtax. Read More.
#293 - An Economist's View of the FAIRtax - Part 1
David Kendall is an economics professor at the University of Virginia. In 2005, he wrote a letter to President Bush’s newly formed advisory panel on tax reform that was co-signed by eighty other professional economists. Read More.
#292 - Some Clarity on the Prebate
No other tax reform proposal has anything like the FAIRtax prebate. In this episode of FAIRtax Power Radio, the FAIRtax Guys clear up a listener's confusion about how the prebate relates to a household's basic necessities. Read More.
#291 - Meet Mike Saliba
Mike Saliba is the latest 2022 Congressional candidate to sign the FAIRtax Candidate Pledge. He sits down with FAIRtax Guy Bob Scarborough for a wide-ranging interview about his support for the FAIRtax and what he thinks it will do for the country. Read More.
#290 - More Good Listener Questions
The FAIRtax Guys love getting thoughtful questions from listeners who are seeking to learn more about the FAIRtax. Today, the Guys tackle two good listener questions dealing with how a child of divorced parents is counted for the prebate and double taxation under the FAIRtax. Read More.

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