#335 Yes the IRS Really Did That
Would the IRS really go after an 82-year-old grandmother who made an honest mistake on her taxes and voluntarily tried to correct it? You bet they would—and they did. Would the IRS really publish people’s personal, confidential data on their web site? Again, you better believe they would. Read More.
#334 Marissa Selvig Revisited
Marissa Selvig was the first candidate in the entire country to sign the FAIRtax Candidate Pledge for the 2022 election. She is the Constitution Party’s candidate for Congress in the state of Wyoming. Read More.
#333 How to Get in Trouble with the IRS
The IRS is getting bigger, more powerful, and it could be coming after you. In spite of the politicians’ pledges that the new IRS will only target well-heeled tax cheats, history and plain common sense say otherwise. More audits are definitely on the way, and the IRS has a long history of going after taxpayers who don’t have the resources to fight back. That’s not likely to change. Read More.
#332 They’ve Awakened a Sleeping Giant
Advocates for a much larger and more powerful IRS may turn out to be the best friends the FAIRtax movement ever had. FAIRtax advocates have been pointing out all that’s wrong with the IRS for years. It’s invasive, it doesn’t respect the Bill of Rights, and it often acts like a bully. And for years, very few people seemed to care. Read More.
#331 How to get rid of the IRS - Continued
Last week, the FAIRtax Guys discussed the public alarm that the “Inflation Reduction” Act has triggered regarding the massive increase in the size and scope of the IRS. All of a sudden, people are paying attention to what’s happening at the IRS and they don’t like what they see. Read More.
#330 How to get rid of the IRS
With the passage of the “Inflation Reduction” Act and its gargantuan increase in the IRS’s budget, people on social media seems to be alarmed by the massive changes coming to the government’s most universally hated agency. Memes are pointing out that large football stadiums are still too small to hold the army of new IRS agents that will be hired. Others call for hiring school resource officers rather than IRS agents, and others compare the number of billionaires in the country to the number of new agents being hired to show that the enhanced enforcement isn’t going to be aimed at just the super-rich. Read More.
#329 Walle's World - There HAS to Be a Better Way
While FAIRtax Guy Bob Scarborough takes a vacation, CPA Jade Walle joins Bob Paxton for his quarterly “Walle’s FAIRtax World” on FAIRtax Power Radio. One of the items he discusses is the “Inflation Reduction Act”—a bill hammered out between West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. It sounds like a good idea, until you realize that way too often, a bill in Congress actually has the exact opposite effect of what the name implies. Read More.
#328 Government by Lobbyist
Most Americans know that Washington DC is inhabited by an army of lobbyists that try to influence legislation on behalf of their clients. But most people have no idea just how big the lobbying industry is or how much money is spread around in an effort to get Members of Congress to either support or oppose particular pieces of legislation. Read More.
#327 It's Your Choice
Suppose you need to fly across the country on business. Your boss is going to pay for your ticket and you’re offered two choices. You can fly in the back seat of a 70-year-old Piper Cub, or you can go First Class on one of Delta Airlines’ new A321 Neos. Easy choice, isn’t it? Read More.
#326 What Makes the FAIRtax a Fair Tax?
Taxes are as old as civilized society itself. There have been thousands of different tax systems throughout history, and they all have one thing in common—a significant number of people affected by them believe them to be unfair. That’s certainly the case with the income tax in the United States. Read More.
#325 The Ever Changing Income Tax
Imagine that there are two minutes left in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl and your team is down by four points. You need a touchdown to win the game. You have the ball, third and nine on your opponent's 30 yard line. Your quarterback completes a pass to the tight end for a ten yard gain. Read More.
#324 Americans Overseas and the FAIRtax
Most people, including many FAIRtax volunteers, don't realize that the United States is the only country in the world with citizenship-based taxation as opposed to residency-based taxation. As a result, American citizens living abroad are taxed by both their host country and the American IRS. It's a really complicated situation that often leads people to renounce their American citizenship. Read More.
#323 The History of Taxation
The income tax as we know it today was implemented in 1913. That mean that no one in today’s workforce has known any other system of funding the Federal government. People just assume that the income tax is the only way to do it because it’s the only way they’ve known. And of course, the politicians in DC are all too happy to reinforce that idea in people’s minds. Read More.
#321 Correcting the Critics
We’re always happy when people write articles about the FAIRtax. Keeping the FAIRtax in the public discussion is critical to getting it passed. Unfortunately, authors who aren’t really familiar with the FAIRtax often get things wrong. Read More.
#320 FAIRtax 101 - Part 2
After their weekly look at, the Guys continue their exploration of the FAIRtax FAQ published at Read More.

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