#417 A Taxpayer's Worst Nightmare
Navigating the federal income tax system is a nightmare. When it comes to doing their taxes, a great majority of Americans have to hire professional help—either in person or by using professionally prepared tax preparation software. Read More.
#416 Rule of Law vs. Politics
Charles Littlejohn is a criminal. He committed a federal felony when he stole and leaked the confidential tax returns of several wealthy Americans including Donald Trump. Not surprisingly, there are a number of Washington elites who hail Littlejohn as a hero and think that he should be pardoned. Read More.
#415 Why Do We Put Up with This?
When you look at all that ways that governments have devised to fund themselves, the Federal income tax system is the most ill-designed, most fraud prone, most error prone, most inefficient, most unfair, most invasive and most easily evaded system of them all. Read More.
#414 You Might Be a FAIRtax Fan – Part 3
The FAIRtax does a lot of good things for individuals. It lets them bring home their whole paycheck, eliminates filing tax returns and provides them with a tax refund every month. Read More.
#413 You Might Be a FAIRtax Fan – Part 2
Millions of people are FAIRtax fans and don’t know it. After all, who wouldn’t want a bigger paycheck, a tax refund every month and freedom from ever having to fill out a tax return ever again. Read More.
#412 The Tax Deception
There’s a dirty little secret among the DC elites. They have written the tax code to benefit themselves, not the American taxpayer. They continue to insist that the income tax is fair and equitable while they continue to fill it chock full of loopholes, exemptions, deductions and credits that are bought and paid for by an army of DC lobbyists looking to buy favorable tax treatment for their clients. Read More.
#411 You Might Be a FAIRtax Fan – Part 1
Oftentimes, people don’t know if they like something or not until they try it. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that there are undoubtedly millions of people who like the FAIRtax, but aren’t actively supporting it because they just don’t know anything about it. Read More.
#410 Lies Debunked
It was quite telling that ChatGPT’s analysis of the FAIRtax contained none of the outrageous lies told about the FAIRtax by those who have a vested interest in keeping the income tax system in place. Read More.
#409 AI and the FAIRtax
Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is advancing at a breathtaking rate. But while computers are getting better at simulating human intelligence, machines still don’t have human emotions and prejudices. They still just analyze data. Read More.
#408 What the Income Tax Really Costs You
The income tax system costs you a lot more than just the money you have to fork over in taxes. The compliance costs are huge. That’s the time, effort and additional money you have to spend just to comply with the tax code. Read More.
#407 Some Taxes You See, Some You Don’t
One of the reasons that the Washington elites love the income tax so much is that it does a fantastic job of hiding from us just how much tax we really pay. Think you can determine your federal tax burden by looking at your paycheck stub or your income tax return? Think again. You’re not even close. Read More.
#406 It Will Never Pass
You don’t have to be a FAIRtax volunteer for long to hear someone tell you that the FAIRtax is a great idea, but it will never pass. Well, there was a time when the idea of women voting seemed preposterous and those advocating for women’s suffrage were facing seemingly insurmountable odds. But they never gave up. It took decades to accomplish, but the impossible became reality because a group of determined people would not be denied. Read More.
#405 The Income Tax vs the Flat Tax vs the FAIRtax – Part 2
The income tax is irretrievably broken. It’s going to have to be replaced with something that’s fairer, easier to administer and comply with, and can’t be evaded. Some are promoting a flat tax as the fix for what’s wrong with the income tax. Unfortunately, a flat tax is still a tax on income and comes with many of the problems that plague the current income tax. Read More.
#404 Income Tax vs Flat Tax vs FAIRtax – Part 1
The Federal income tax is insanely complicated, flagrantly unfair, exorbitantly expensive to administer and enforce, and ridiculously easy to evade. It needs to be replaced. The two most talked about alternatives to the income tax are a flat tax and a national retail sales tax like the FAIRtax. Read More.
#403 Why Democrats Should Support the FAIRtax
AFFT president Steve Hayes’ testimony before the House Ways and Means subcommittee on taxation was largely political theater. Both sides used the occasion to advance their own talking points—Republicans touting the success of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and Democrats attacking the FAIRtax at every turn. Read More.

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