#388 - Moore v US Part 1
It’s not making waves in the media, but there is a case before the Supreme Court that could have huge implications for what taxation in America will look like moving forward. The basic question the court will have to decide is whether or not the government can tax money you have not actually received. Read More.
#387 - Running People Off
John Richardson is an attorney living in Canada who specializes in helping American citizens living outside the US deal with the unique problems our US tax code imposes on those citizens. Read More.
#386 - They Do Know Better
In the years since it was first introduced, Congress has paid precious little attention to the FAIRtax. Judging from that, it would be easy to believe that your Congressional representatives never hear about the FAIRtax and that many don’t know anything about it. Unfortunately, the truth is that Congress DOES know about the FAIRtax. They just choose to ignore it. Read More.
#385 - More Insanity Debunked
A lot of people make a lot of money off the current income/payroll tax system. The FAIRtax would derail their gravy train. So, it’s no wonder that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s promise to bring the FAIRtax to a vote in this Congress has brought opposition to the FAIRtax out of the woodwork. Read More.
#384 - AFFT Responds to ATR
A few weeks ago, the FAIRtax Guys rebutted the points made in a letter that was sent to all the FAIRtax cosponsors in Congress. That letter was authored by economic advisor Grover Norquist on behalf of his organization Americans for Tax Reform. In the letter, Norquist made numerous wild and inaccurate representations about the FAIRtax in urging cosponsors to withdraw their support for the bill. Read More.
#383 - Losing a Million Returns
As taxpayers, the IRS owes us at least a minimum standard of care when it comes to protecting the personal data that we must give them on our tax returns. At the very least, they should ensure that our data doesn’t fall into unauthorized hands and of course, they need to keep track of where they put it. Read More.
#382 - More Lies Debunked
Recently, a well known organization that advocates for tax reform sent a letter to all the FAIRtax cosponsors in Congress urging them to withdraw their support. Unfortunately, this letter bore a striking resemblance to the article we discussed a few weeks ago that was written by a man who owns a tax preparation service. Read More.
#381 - Another IRS Policy Change
If there’s one constant about the income tax code and the IRS, it’s that it’s constantly changing. That’s documented every week on FAIRtax Power Radio in the segment. Apparently, internal policy at the IRS is not exactly a stable entity either. Read More.
#380 - Another Armed IRS Raid
A couple weeks ago, FAIRtax Power Radio reported on an IRS raid where a gun store owner was met by armed agents who confiscated thousands of names and addresses of people who had bought firearms at the store. Read More.
#379 My Data is Safe – NOT
For over a century, the government has been collecting sensitive personal and financial data on people in order to collect an income tax. And for over a century, the government has been assuring people that their sensitive data will be held in the strictest confidence. The law says it’s a felony to disclose a taxpayer’s confidential data without permission. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped people’s data from being hacked, leaked or otherwise disclosed to people who have no right to have it. Read More.
#378 - When is the Due Date?
In another dazzling display of competence and accuracy, the IRS recently sent out thousands of payment due notices with the wrong due date. Because of a number of natural disasters in California, people in some California counties have been granted an extension from April 18 to October 16 on when their 2022 taxes are due. Imagine their shock and surprise when the IRS sends them a notice that basically says “pay up now”. Read More.
#377 - Responding to Some Insane Attacks
In the vast majority of cases, people arguing against the FAIRtax aren’t arguing against the FAIRtax as it’s written. They’re arguing against their perceptions of the FAIRtax, which in many cases, are rooted in a lack of understanding about the FAIRtax. In extreme cases, the perceptions and allegations raised against the FAIRtax are so farfetched that they rise to the level of intellectual dishonesty and fear mongering. Read More.
#376 Are Americans Taxed Unfairly?
You’ll have to look long and hard to find someone who thinks that the American income tax system is fair. Most are convinced that they are paying too much while others are not paying enough. One thing is certain. The 70,000 plus pages of the tax code are chock full of loopholes, exemptions and favors that some people get and others don’t. Read More.
#375 The IRS vs. Small Business
Small business is the heart of the American economy. According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses account for 99.9% of the total number of businesses in the country and employ 47.1 % of the total US workforce. Read More.
#374 We’re Making Progress
The FAIRtax is in the best position it’s ever been. Speaker Kevin McCarthy has promised that the FAIRtax will get a vote in the House this session. That will let every voter in America see whether his/her Representative in Congress favors getting rid of the income tax and the IRS or keeping it. Read More.

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