#361 - The FAIRtax is Good for Young Singles
FAIRtax Power Radio’s series on how the FAIRtax is good for different demographic and socio-economic groups continues with a look at how the FAIRtax will benefit young singles. Read More.
#360 - USA Today Looks at the FAIRtax
When Kevin McCarthy promised that the FAIRtax would get an up or down vote in the 118th Congress, it sparked a surge of interest in the media on what the FAIRtax is and how it would work. Unfortunately, a lot of what was said was either misleading at best, or downright dishonest at worse. Read More.
#359 The FAIRtax Is Good for the Working Poor
If there’s one lie about the FAIRtax that never seems to go away and keeps getting repeated over and over again, it’s that the FAIRtax is regressive and will harm lower income workers. That’s an easy perception to have when you hear only that the FAIRtax is a massive new sales tax that will apply to everything you buy. However, it’s just not the truth. Read More.
#358 The FAIRtax Is Good for Expatriates
This episode of FAIRtax Power Radio begins a new series highlighting how the FAIRtax will benefit various demographic and socio-economic groups. Read More.
#357 The Rest of the Story - Part 5
When the FAIRtax Guys decided to do a series on what the media will either suppress or distort about the FAIRtax, they thought it would take two or maybe three episodes to cover it. Well, it turns out that there is so much dishonesty in the media, it ended up taking five episodes to cover it all. Read More.
#356 The Rest of the Story - Part 4
There’s been a lot in the media, and especially social media, about the FAIRtax in recent weeks. You’ve undoubtedly heard that it’s a massive new tax on just about everything you buy, but there’s been one aspect of the FAIRtax that has been largely ignored—how it will all but eliminate illegal tax evasion. Read More.
#355 The Rest of the Story - Part 3
There’s a lot about the FAIRtax in the media that’s just not true. Some may be due to unfamiliarity with the FAIRtax and how it works, but most of it seems to be deliberate misrepresentation in an effort to turn people against it. Read More.
#354 The Rest of the Story - Part 2
The FAIRtax has become a hot topic in the media, be it broadcast media, print media or social media. While it’s generally a good thing that the FAIRtax is getting this attention, there’s a lot being said about the FAIRtax that isn’t the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Read More.
#353 The Rest of the Story - Part 1
Speaker McCarthy’s promise to bring the FAIRtax to the House floor for debate and a vote has created quite a buzz around the FAIRtax. Someone once said that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Read More.
#352 A Giant Leap for the FAIRtax
FAIRtax history will be made in the newly convened 118th Congress. For the first time since it was first introduced over 20 years ago, the FAIRtax will not die in committee. Read More.
#351 The FAIRtax and Social Security
It’s not news to anybody that Social Security is on the path to insolvency. Fewer and fewer workers are supporting more and more retirees. More dollars have been flowing out of the system than coming in for decades. Read More.
#350 State of the FAIRtax
The FAIRtax Guys ring in 2023 with a special guest on FAIRtax Power Radio. Steve Hayes, president of Americans For Fair Taxation delivers his “State of the FAIRtax” address. Read More.
#349 2022 Tax Proposal Hall of Shame
Every week, the FAIRtax Guys look at to see what kind of changes the Congress Critters are proposing for the tax code. And every year, there are thousands of these changes—many sought by lobbyists on behalf of special interest groups. Read More.
#348 Walle’s World Replacing the FAIRtax with an Income Tax?
CPA Jade Walle joins the FAIRtax Guys for our quarterly “Walle’s World” episode on FAIRtax Power Radio, but this one’s a little different. Instead of digging deeply into a FAIRtax related topic, Jade plays the part of a crafty politician who wants to replace the FAIRtax with an income tax. Read More.
#347 Prebate 101
The prebate sets the FAIRtax apart from every other sales tax people may be familiar with. In every other case, when you buy a taxable item, you pay the tax, period. However, the FAIRtax actually pays itself on spending up to the poverty level. Read More.

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