What is the Prebate?
No other sales tax in the world has a standard deduction like The Family Consumption Allowance in FAIRtax. Every citizen or resident legal registered alien can spend up to the defined HHS poverty level for their size household tax free. No one monitors or reports the spending. A pre-refund of the tax lets the spending on the essentials like food, clothing, and housing occur without tax. Read More.
How the FAIRtax works
What is the FAIRtax? Read More.
Sen. Moran Discusses FairTax Legislation on U.S. Senate Floor
On Wednesday, January 28, 2015, U.S. Senator Jerry Moran discussed his FairTax legislation on the U.S. Senate Floor. Read More.
Neal Boortz Explain the FAIRTAX
Fox contributor explains the FAIRtax Read More.
Trump: Simplify the Tax Code with FAIRtax
Presidential candidate Donald Trump says we need a flat tax of the FAIRtax on Morning Joe, June 18, 2015. Read More.
Huckabee: "Abolish the IRS with the FairTax"
"The flat tax preserves the IRS. The only way to abolish the IRS is with the FairTax. What business does the government have knowing how much money you make?" Read More.

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