#297 2021 Yearend Wrapup

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  • Source: YouTube
  • 12/29/2021
As 2021 draws to a close, the FAIRtax Guys first pause for one more remembrance of our fallen colleague and founding partner of FAIRtax Power Radio, Ron Maiellaro. After that, the Guys dig into the 2021 Tax Proposal Hall of Shame. All year long theyโ€™ve been checking congress.gov looking for the most outrageous, the most inexplicable and in some cases, the funniest things that the Congress Critters have proposed putting into the tax code. This yearโ€™s collection of the craziest of the crazy is sure to amuse you, but hopefully it will serve as inspiration to persuade people that the entire system has become so convoluted that the only way to fix it is to get rid of it all and replace it with the FAIRtax.
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