The Grassroots Corner September 20, 2021
🇺🇸 The Grassroots Corner - Week Beginning 9/20/21: “We Remember Ron Maiellaro” Read More.
Wall Street slips as tax uncertainty, tech losses weigh
WASHINGTON, Sept 17 (Reuters) - The White House warned on Friday that a failure by the U.S. Congress to extend the debt limit could plunge the economy into a recession and could lead to cuts in critical state services. Read More.
Student debt is keeping many Americans from becoming homeowners — and COVID didn’t help
While people with federal student loans have been allowed to pause payments during the pandemic, most borrowers haven’t gotten any closer to paying their debt Read More.
The Chairman’s Report September 17, 2021
In order to maintain a safe and civilized society, it’s important that people respect and obey the rules and laws that define what is acceptable behavior and what is not.  Read More.
Family Farms Won’t Escape Biden’s New Tax
The president thinks they haven’t paid their ‘fair share.’ Read More.
Homebuyer bidding wars hit a new low in August
Raleigh, North Carolina had the highest bidding-war rate of 86.7% in August Read More.
There’s a growing wall of worry developing for stocks to climb, says Deutsche Bank
Is Wall Street ready to break a five-session losing streak? Stocks look mixed in early trading, as September, so far, shapes up just as many pundits predicted — dogged by seasonal weakness, plus the ongoing pandemic fallout.  Read More.
Marc Abear: A fair tax system means everyone pays a little
President Joe Biden describes his $3.5 trillion spending scheme as a way to improve the economy and "build back better." It is going to work every bit as well as his evacuation from Afghanistan. Read More.
The Grassroots Corner September 13, 2021
🇺🇸 The Grassroots Corner - Week Beginning 9/13/21: “FAIRtax Marketplace” Read More.
Manufacturers, Retailers wary of Biden private sector vaccine mandate
Top NAM official said the requirement should not negatively affect the operations of its companies Read More.
The Chairman’s Report September 10, 2021
Our group of FAIRtax advocates were greatly saddened by the loss of Ron Maiellaro, the man in the redshirt in the picture below. Read More.
The FairTax’s simpler approach benefits everyone
The Democrats in control of Congress and the presidency seek to transform our county. If they are successful in passing and signing into law the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package that is being forced through Congress via arcane budget procedures, to the objections of both Republicans and Democrats, Americans will see the biggest expansion of government accompanied by the largest tax increase in a generation. Read More.
Democrats pushing slew of tax hikes to fund massive spending plan: A roundup of proposals
Take a closer look at the specific plans for individual and corporate tax hikes Read More.
The Grassroots Corner September 6, 2021
🇺🇸 The Grassroots Corner - Week Beginning 9/6/21: “A Labor Day Message” Read More.

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