OPEC Move Is Not Worth Biden’s Hype, And Won’t Stop Record Gasoline Prices
Another day, another record for gasoline prices, which hit an average of $4.715 a gallon in the United States. That’s up 50% in a year and double what they were when President Joe Biden took office in January 2021. At current daily demand of 8.9 million barrels (374 million gallons), that means Americans are paying nearly $900 million more at the pump, every day. Read More.
It Feels Like the 1970s. But Here’s Why This Decade Could Shape Up to Be Like the Roaring 20s.
Decades-high inflation, a hawkish Federal Reserve, and soaring energy prices seem to hearken back to the 1970s and the decade’s prolonged period of stagflation. Read More.
The Grassroots Corner June 13, 2022
The Grassroots Corner - Week Beginning 6/13/22: “Meet Our New Arkansas State Director David Morelli ” Read More.
The Chairman’s Report June 10, 2022
"We Told You So!" - The 2017 Tax Reform Delivered as Promised is the title of an article that appeared in the May 8, 2022 Wall Street Journal.  Written by two distinguished economists, this article explains how they predicted the favorable economic effects of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and how critics attacked them for being overly “optimistic.” Read More.
Californians Could Get a Tax Credit for Not Owning Cars
The bill’s sponsors say it’s only fair to extend tax relief to Californians who don’t own cars as the state aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decrease driving. Read More.
Bitcoin Bank Custodia Sues Federal Reserve, Demanding Decision On Master Account
Bitcoin bank Custodia today sued the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City charging they have “unlawfully” delayed for 19 months acting on its application for a master account with the Federal Reserve. Read More.
Tough times are ahead, former Chase chief economist warns
Anthony Chan: 'No doubt' risk of recession increased for 2023 Read More.
‘This is a daunting time to retire’: In the age of inflation, there are steps you can take to deal with higher prices
Develop a comprehensive plan that can include bolstering savings and tapping home equity, or delaying retirement, Social Security benefits, and big expenses Read More.
College graduates need these 10 'inflation-proof' career and money tips now
Smart, must-know advice for today's graduates on navigating key career and money issues Read More.
Get Ready For $8-A-Gallon Gas
The pandemic killed demand for oil and gas, leaving the world vulnerable to Vladimir Putin’s supply-side punch. The upside? Widespread shortages and sky-high prices will finally force meaningful investments in alternatives and even pariahs like nuclear and wood. Read More.
The Grassroots Corner June 6, 2022
The Grassroots Corner - Week Beginning 6/06/22: “Memorial Day ” Read More.
Tesla shares drop after report that Musk is targeting 10% job cut amid ‘super bad feeling’ about global economy - MarketWatch
Following a report Tesla is trying to force workers to return to the office or quit, another has surfaced over a potential hiring freeze. Read More.
New York suspends gas tax for rest of 2022
The action could cut that by 16 cents or more. And some areas of the state could see even bigger discounts. Read More.
The Chairman’s Report June 3, 2022
"Stop the Hidden Payoffs" - For as long as there have been people in governments that could bestow benefits and advantages on businesses and individuals, there has been the expectation that the businesses and individuals who want those benefits and advantages should pay for the favorable treatment they receive—usually with money or its equivalent. Read More.

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