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  • 04/09/2021

At a recent monthly telephone conference of the New Jersey FAIRtax Group, one member in particular:

Started efforts to form a FAIRtax “cell” at his former home near Scranton in Northeast Pennsylvania. He has reached out to a friend in a Scranton suburb. He also knows a woman in that area from Facebook. The lady is a former FBI agent who would be an excellent FAIRtax recruit. Another prospect is a woman who is active in a Presidential election campaign. Our member will try to get a group together and organize a Zoom meeting.

Not one to stop there, he will also try to get us in front of the Morris County New Jersey Republican Committee, where he is active. Morris County is a suburb county of New York City. Typically, anywhere from ten to fifty people will attend a committee meeting.

Ever onward, our member knows a young man in the Greater White Plains, New York, Area. If we can sell him, he can develop his own FAIRtax "cell." Interest just two people in a given geographical area, and they can build their expertise.

Our member also thought the shore community of Spring Lake, New Jersey, might be ripe for FAIRtax development. We looked up the local Republican Chair, and our member is following up.

Who is this Super Member? His name is Victor Alberigi. For the past two years, Victor has worked to grow the FAIRtax grassroots movement in Morris County, New Jersey, and in the Scranton, Pennsylvania, area. Victor lived in Scranton most of his life and relocated to New Jersey six years ago.

Victor works as a Vocational Expert for Social Security, a line of work he has been in for the past eighteen years. For those of you who are not familiar, a vocational expert is someone recognized by the Social Security Administration as having expertise in a particular area. These experts are not attorneys. They provide opinion testimony at Social Security Disability hearings.  Their testimony is considered by Administrative Law Judges when making decisions about whether an applicant is qualified to receive a Social Security Disability benefit. They do not interact with claimants or question them during a hearing.

Victor maintains his private practice as an Independent Vocational Expert in Chatham, New Jersey. In addition to assisting individuals with Social Security Disability issues, he also helps people with vocational issues in matrimonial and child support cases.

He is a graduate of the University of Scranton and Marywood University, Scranton.

Victor has a history of community service that includes serving as a member of the Municipal Council in Clark's Green, Pennsylvania, serving as a Board member of a Catholic Health Care Center, and service with several other community organizations. He is the son of a decorated World War II veteran, and has assisted veterans in disability cases.

Victor has an impressive record of getting results for the FAIRtax. He got us in front of the Chatham Township, New Jersey, Republican Committee and got a meeting with Rosemary Becchi, a Republican Congressional Candidate in New Jersey’s Eleventh District.  Ms. Becchi is a former staff member for the U.S. Senate Finance Committee and took time out of her campaign to listen to us about the FAIRtax.

Victor has real talent in networking. He believes that people who are politically active for socially conservative causes would be interested in joining the FAIRtax movement. We all understand that the FAIRtax benefits everyone, not just conservatives or Republicans, but so far, that’s where most of our support has come from.
Victor Alberigi at a Social Security Hearing in New York

Do you have any Victors in your area who are enthusiastic about the FAIRtax?  If so, I’d love to hear about them for possible inclusion in a future Grassroots Corner.

Yours In the FAIRtax Movement!

Jim Bennett
AFFT Grassroots Coordinator & Secretary


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