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  • 04/09/2021

We need your help.  We need to get as many cosponsors for the FAIRtax in the new Congress as we can.  Of course, that will involve getting new cosponsors to sign on, but it’s equally important to make sure that everyone who cosponsored the FAIRtax in the last Congress does so again in the new one.

In the 116th Congress, FAIRtax had 34 sponsors.  Of those 34, ten retired and 24 were returned to the 117th Congress.  Of those 24 previous cosponsors, fifteen have signed back onto the bill.  Most recently, we got back Frank Lucas, OK-03 (great job, Bill Harrington from Oklahoma!), Michael Waltz, FL-06, and John Rutherford, FL-04 (great job Florida FAIRtax team!) (John Rutherford signed the FAIRtax pledge as a candidate).

In addition to the 15 returnees, we picked up two freshman Representatives, Andrew Clyde, GA-09 (great job, Jim Duffie from Georgia!) and Kat Cammack, FL-03 (great job again FAIRtax Guys, and the Florida FAIRtax Team!) (Kat Cammack signed the FAIRtax pledge as a candidate).  Clyde and Cammack both replaced previous cosponsors who retired from Congress.

That leaves nine holdovers from the 116th Congress who need encouragement from you to get back onto the bill. Here they are. If you live near one of their districts, please plan a meeting with that Congress Member.  Meeting with a Congress Member in person is one of the most powerful things you can do to persuade him or her to act.

  • Rep. Jim Banks [R-IN-03]
  • Rep. Gus M. Bilirakis [R-FL-12]
  • Rep. John R. Carter [R-TX-31]
  • Rep. Scott DesJarlais [R-TN-04]
  • Rep. Tom Emmer [R-MN-06]
  • Rep. Thomas Massie [R-KY-04]
  • Rep. Gary J. Palmer [R-AL-06]
  • Rep. Robert J. Wittman [R-VA-01]
  • Rep. Don Young [R-AK-At Large]
Now here comes a more challenging reach.  The following eight members have not signed on as cosponsors, but they succeeded a cosponsor who retired.  In all but one case, the successor is from the same political party as the retiree.

Please look over this list to see if you live near their Congressional Districts. If you do, please make an appointment to meet the Member.  These Members need to be encouraged to follow in their predecessor’s footsteps and cosponsor the FAIRtax.

  • Rep. Carolyn Bourdeaux [D-GA-07], replacing Rep. Rob Woodall
  • Rep. Pat Fallon [R-TX-04], replacing Rep. John Ratcliffe
  • Rep. Randy Feenstra [R-IA-04], replacing Rep. Steve King
  • Rep. Diana Harshbarger [R-TN-01], replacing Rep. David P. Roe
  • Rep. Blake Moore [R-UT-01], replacing Rep. Rob Bishop
  • Rep. August Pfluger [R-TX-11], replacing Rep. K. Michael Conaway
  • Rep. Pete Sessions [R-TX-17], replacing Rep. Bill Flores
  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor [R-GA-14], replacing Rep. Tom Graves
Next, we salute Chuck Bailey and his team. Because of them, Barry Moore, AL-02, is a new cosponsor of the FAIRtax. Barry Moore signed the FAIRtax pledge as a candidate.

Our Florida Team is working on Byron Donalds, FL-19, who also signed the FAIRtax pledge as a candidate. Donalds has been receiving air time on Fox News and could become a spokesperson.

I want to thank our Marketing Team leader, Randy Fischer, whose inquiry inspired this research.

I would love to hear about your efforts with your Congress Member, whether or not he or she previously co-sponsored the FAIRtax.

Yours In the FAIRtax Movement!

Jim Bennett
AFFT Grassroots Coordinator & Secretary


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