The Grassroots Corner February 8, 2021

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  • 04/09/2021

It's nice to have a vendor who likes you. We have one such vendor, Political Media in the D.C. suburb of McLean, Virginia, and its founder and owner, Larry Ward.

Political Media (“PM”) hosts our website and our email database. Their motto is “Inside Politics, Outside the Box.” Their mission is to “clearly and effectively communicate the benefits and the rights and responsibilities of liberty nationally and internationally.”

We depend on PM for our internal communications to the grassroots and for our messaging to the public. PM provides us with several services, including web hosting and design and facilities for mass email. PM also creates content for us.

PM gives their clients, including us, a social media presence. It manages and tracks issues and branding. Negative stories against its clients receive PM transformation into positive stories that matter. PM also produces ads, including issue-specific direct-response television spots. PM has programs for radio, mobile devices, video, and telephone.

Because of PM, you in the FAIRtax grassroots will soon be seeing a change. Currently, you and the public hear from us two days a week. The FAIRtax Guys come out on Tuesdays, and the Chairman’s Report and Grassroots Corner come out together on Fridays. Several years ago, the Friday weekly communication had the name “FAIRtax Friday.” The original content from these pieces is good, but PM research points to a need to spread the original content throughout the week and add fillers.

On the advice of PM’s Trevor Kendrick, Grassroots Corner is moving to Mondays.  The Chairman’s Report will remain in its Friday slot. The FAIRtax Guys, for now, will stay on Tuesdays. PM will fill in, presumably on Wednesdays and Thursdays, with pieces about tax issues. PM’s Ella Wilkinson will curate that content.

PM’s founder and owner, Larry Ward, has been a huge fan of the FAIRtax for a long time. Larry heard about the FAIRtax through Mike Huckabee’s Presidential campaign. Larry worked with Mike and PM helped promote Mike’s commercials to repeal Obamacare.

Larry had been in a partnership with FAIRtax bill co-author, David Burton. Their association was our good luck. When the FAIRtax management was handed over to the grassroots in 2014, we looked for a database and website host. Company "C" was expensive and was not giving us the services we needed. David introduced our newly elected President and Chair, Steve Hayes, to Larry. Steve and Larry have been working closely ever since then.

Larry and Political Media have the depth and strength to provide FAIRtax with world-class resources. Political Media counts Judicial Watch and the Washington Examiner among its clients and has worked to support the Trump Campaign.

Larry and his colleagues at Political Media, Trevor Kendrick and Ella Wilkinson, have been good to us over the years. They are more than just a vendor that we buy services from. We count them as members of our FAIRtax family. We hope to one day return their favors by growing to the point that will permit them to grow with us even beyond where they are now.

Larry says that FAIRtax has the “best volunteers on the planet!” That means a lot coming from him and is a tribute to all of you out there. Thank you, Larry and Political Media, for helping us with the FAIRtax message.

Yours In the FAIRtax Movement!

Jim Bennett
AFFT Grassroots Coordinator & Secretary


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