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"Calls To Action!”

We have all gone through it.  Johnson says, “Do this!”, Roberts says “Do that!” and Clark says “Do the other thing!”.  The result is nobody does much of anything and the cause doesn’t move forward.

Adam Yomtov (NY) and Randy Fischer (FL), have come up with the solution to this “action inertia”.  Visit our Homepage, at the top, mouse over the “Get Involved” tab, there is a new choice in the menu called “🇺🇸 Call to Action!”.  Click here to visit the page

You can be sure when you act on this call, you are responding to a request centrally directed by our Marketing & Communications Team.  Your response will be effective.  Think of a magnet.  When iron shavings are pointing in different directions, there is no magnetic pull.  But when iron shavings are aligned in the same direction the magnetic pull is robust.

When a Senator, Member of Congress or State Legislator receives a one-off message, the representative, effectively, sees scattered shavings.  Their mind will probably not be changed.  But the mind of the representative may change when the representative sees a flood of messages individually adapted but making essentially the same aligned point.

I will be using “The Grassroots Corner” to help direct traffic to this new "🇺🇸 Call To Action!" page.  You will also see emails for the same reason.

Make sure you email us the comments you've submitted

In the 3/20/20 Grassroots Corner titled “Scaling Walls” we put out a "Call To Action!" for Tucker Carlson, asking Tucker to view The FAIRtax as a stop sign to dependence on China for vital pharmaceuticals. There were about a dozen responses to this call, which was certainly a start.

Here are some excerpts from the responses:

“With regard to your monologue on 6 March I would like to suggest our nation would be much less at risk from China or any other nation were we to adopt The FAIRtax, which is H.R.25 currently in the House Ways & Means Committee…".  Claude Mertzenich - Iowa

“Tucker, you are rightfully sounding the alarm about the need to return manufacturing to the United States so we're not dependent on countries who hate us for our vital supplies.  What you're missing is the solution.  The FAIRtax H.R. 25 eliminates all income taxes, both personal and corporate.  You saw what happened when the “Tax Cuts & Jobs Act” cut the corporate rate.  Just think of what will happen when The FAIRtax reduces the rate to zero.  I urge you to go to our Website, educate yourself on what The FAIRtax will do for the economy, and then advocate strongly for it's adoption.  I thank you and your country will thank you”.  Bob Paxton - Florida

“The FAIRtax will solve many problems.  The government, politicians, lobbyists and crony capitalists would have less power over us with The FAIRtax”.  Ed C. - Florida

“The situation with COVID-19 threatens our economy.  The BEST way to instantly stimulate the economy now and after this crisis is to insist the FULL Congress PASS the FAIRtax H.R. 25. Why?  Because:
“1. The pharmaceutical industry would not have been outsourced to China with The FAIRtax.
“2. …
“3. …
“4. …
“Please consider bringing this worthwhile solution to the national forum on your show.  “Thank you for your consideration”.  Kathleen P - Florida

“The FAIRtax will restore the U.S. Constitution protection against "direct taxation" lost with The 16th Amendment which enables "direct taxation".  The FAIRtax will restore our lost civil rights, freedom and liberty with the repeal of The 16th Amendment, thus eliminating the income tax as used by almost all countries and making The United States Of America the true leader of the Free World.  The FAIRtax changes the code from helping socialism and hurting capitalism".  Paul Livingston – Florida District Director FL-04,05 (Paul got his troops busy, as you can see)

“The 1918 influenza pandemic killed an estimated 17 -100 million people world-wide, including 600,000 in the United States.  Warren Harding became president in March 1921 when unemployment was 23.1%.  Harding and more so his successor Calvin Coolidge, cut taxes and spending.  In 1929 unemployment was 3.2% and most people in the U.S. became much wealthier than ever before.

“The best fiscal policy is to enact H.R. 25 The FAIRtax now which permanently abolishes payroll and income taxes and replaces them with a federal retail sales tax plus a monthly consumption allowance payment from Social Security to all legal residents of all ages.  The FAIRtax was designed to be revenue-neutral in a static sense, without considering its economic effects, while dynamic economic models which incorporate changes in economic behavior, predict substantial revenue-enhancement”.  Jim S - Florida

Others let us know they wrote in but did not send us samples of their writing.  We still appreciate the others for making the effort to keep us informed.

Next time you receive a "Call To Action!”, step up and respond to the call.  What "Call To Action!” would you like to see?  Let Randy Fischer know by emailing him

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Jim Bennett
AFFT Grassroots Coordinator & Secretary

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