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FAIRtax Letter To The
Editor Published In Virginia

Here is the letter from FAIRtax-er Dave Head to the editor of The Free Lance-Star, Fredericksburg, Virginia.

“Replace Personal, Payroll Taxes With Consumption Tax” appeared on 4/1/20.

Current events illustrate the strategic imperative of the U.S. once again achieving manufacturing independence.  Other countries’ wage scales notwithstanding, we can compete and win by reducing non-wage expenses.

We need to subsidize our manufacturing in a manner acceptable to the World Trade Organization.  We can do that by relieving U.S. business of the crushing burdens of taxing income.  The FAIRtax, a proposal first advanced over 20 years ago, is still the best way to abolish U.S. income taxes and accomplish this goal, while untaxing the poor as a bonus.

Income taxes are expenses to business via corporate, capital gains, personal and payroll taxes, while estate taxes destroy the business of an owner who dies. Replacing these taxes with a consumption tax, The Fair Tax H.R. 25 would dramatically reduce U.S. manufacturers’ expenses.  This would allow them to undercut foreign competition, including the Chinese, and dominate international trade.

The FAIRtax calls for a 16th Amendment repeal which would send us back to an era long ago without U.S. income taxes, including the period between the Civil War and the turn of the century—an era known as the “Gilded Age”, which was this nation’s most rapid economic expansion in our history.

The FAIRtax taxes purchases of new items for sale at retail and services while excepting poverty-level spending.  This makes it a luxury tax because by avoiding the purchase of things which aren’t absolutely necessary, one would be able to go through life without paying federal taxes.

Relief from personal and payroll taxes would significantly increase citizens’ take home pay.  We would experience a lowering of our tax burden.  Spending by the rich and upper-middle-class would finance the country.  Unburdening manufacturing via abolishing income taxes would free us of reliance on foreign manufacturing.

David Head - King George

This picture taken with Dave sitting on Saddam Hussein’s throne in the Al-Faw Palace, Camp Victory, near the Baghdad Airport, Iraq.

Dave Head heard about The FAIRtax about 15 years ago.  Dave read the Boortz book; then he read another book, and he has been studying The FAIRtax ever since.

He writes on Facebook, and any other medium he can find which will publish his posts.  Dave particularly likes The FAIRtax because he understands how The FAIRtax will return manufacturing and prosperity to America.

Dave has been retired since 2011 and most recently has worked as a civilian engineer for the United States Navy.

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