The Grassroots Corner - April 10 2020

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  • 04/09/2021

A Major Leap Forward For
FAIRtax Power Radio


By Bob Paxton – Florida FAIRtax Educational Association


Five years ago, Leading Edge Radio Network, a patriotic internet talk station based in Dallas TX, put out feelers on Facebook asking if anyone was interested in contributing content to them.  I responded asking if they’d be interested in a 30-minute program educating people about The FAIRtax.  When they said yes, I recruited Ron Maiellaro as my partner and FAIRtax Power Radio was born.


Unfortunately, our stint on LERN was rather short as it didn’t take long for them to decide instead of us contributing content to them, we should pay for our air time.  Having no budget to sustain a paid program, we parted ways with LERN and continued the program as a weekly podcast.

Our weekly podcast evolved into a weekly video published on Facebook and YouTube.  Still, we always wanted to be on over-the-air, broadcast radio.  I had been a DJ on several different stations before a career change led me into computer programming.  I was no longer on the air regularly, but radio was still in my blood.

Several radio stations from around the country did contact us, but none were really interested in promoting The FAIRtax.  They just wanted to sell us time.  But as noted, we’re a Volunteer organization with no budget for this type of activity.

So, when Bob Scarborough approached us asking if we’d like to be on broadcast radio, we figured this was just another station fishing for sales.  But when we informed him we had no budget to sustain a paid program, we received a surprising answer.

Turns out Bob Scarborough is well versed in The FAIRtax and is just as passionate as we are in passing H.R.25.  He said if he couldn’t convince his management to carry us as an unpaid public affairs program, he’d find the necessary sponsorship to support FAIRtax Power Radio on his station.  All we’d have to do is give him permission to use our podcasts.  Of course, we jumped at his offer.

Here though is where the story takes a nearly unbelievable turn.  Initially, Bob didn’t reveal anything about his radio station, but he eventually mentioned he’s in Winston-Salem, NC, Hey!, my home town.  When he finally mentioned the call letters of his station, I couldn’t believe my ears.  WTOB.  I grew up listening to WTOB!  It was the endless hours listening to WTOB which ignited my passion to be on the radio.  I always wanted to be one of their “Good Guys”, but never got the chance.

Now, WTOB in Winston-Salem is going to be the first broadcast station in the country to carry FAIRtax Power Radio.  And Bob’s going to try to put us on some other stations as well.  It's a great day for FAIRtax Power Radio, and hopefully it will help lead to an even greater day, the day The FAIRtax becomes law and the Destructive Income-TAX and IRS are relegated to the scrap heap of history.

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Jim Bennett
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