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  • 04/09/2021
It is an exciting time for FAIRtax supporters. The news media is reporting that President Trump has ordered his advisors to investigate ways to discard the Ryan/Brady approach and start over working on tax reform that will most benefit the citizens and the economy. 
We all know that no one likes the idea of a greatly enhanced IRS that will be needed to even slow the illegal evasion, estimated by Dr. Cebula’s study to be $9 trillion, under the present income/payroll tax system. We know that the Trump administration is not interested in creating a larger and more aggressive IRS.
New Jersey and New York FAIRtax supporters decided to set up in front of Trump Tower on April 15, 2017 in New York City and spread the FAIRtax message.
The megaphone, within a stone’s throw of Trump Tower, blared, “Mr. Trump, Don’t Settle for FAKE Tax Reform.” Fifth Avenue pedestrians were urged to demand REAL tax reform from the President, that is: demand only the FAIRtax. Pedestrians were told that only the FAIRtax un-taxes the poor; only the FAIRtax makes drug dealers pay tax; only the FAIRtax returns the “Made in America” label; and only the FAIRtax levels the playing field. If President Trump is serious about jobs, he needs to get behind the FAIRtax.
The idea for the event spawned primarily from New Jersey Board Member, Dave Corsi, who thinks the time is now to “get in the faces” of politicians and the President.
Dave presented his plan on an AFFT Board conference call, where he tied the themes of the rally to Trump’s statements on tax reform, including creating jobs, keeping jobs at home, and growing the economy.  Dave’s proposal was enthusiastically endorsed by the AFFT board.
The New Jersey group got to work on different signs that stress different ways in which the FAIRtax meets Trump’s goals. Signs were both Staples-procured and homemade.
To get the message out, AFFT’s Marketing and Communications Team led by Randy Fischer used a Facebook meme. The announcement went through other outlets as well. T-shirts were expressed to the New Jersey group from Steve Curtis and his Ohio Team.
The question became: would anybody come? The group photo, left to right, shows participants Adam Yomtov, NY Board, Joe Castiglia, NY, National  Marketing and Communications Team, John O’Rourke, NJ Board, Dave Corsi, NJ Board, Dr. Steve Scafidi, NJ, (unfortunately concealed behind Dr. Scafidi is Ollie Johnson, NY), Jim Bennett, NJ and National Board, and Doug Dash, NJ Board.

Adam Yomtov, Joe Castiglia, John O'Rourke, Dave Corsi, Dr. Steve Scafidi, (hidden) Ollie Johnson, Jim Bennett, Doug Dash

The New York Police Department was terrific. The officers sectioned off the Easternmost Lane of Fifth Avenue for the group. A permit to use a megaphone was issued the day before. Dave Corsi brought a videographer.
Many onlookers snapped pictures of the signs and the group. Adam Yomtov and Doug Dash stood at the sidewalk handing out pocket cards and engaging people in conversation. There were several individual exchanges, and very little negative feedback. One gentleman left proudly wearing a T-shirt. Many were tourists were from out of town, one of whom was from Atlanta and enthusiastically remembered Neal Boortz. Another gentleman from South Carolina, who said he was a FairTaxer & was visiting New York with his family, indicated that he had heard about the rally and just wanted to acknowledge us by stopping by to say hello.

Doug Dash and John O'Rourke, Dr. Steve Scafidi and Joe Castiglia in background
Joe Castiglia
Inquirer speaking with Adam Yomtov
Other FAIRtax events took place throughout the country the same day. California’s Marty Sturmer had a booth in San Francisco, where Marty reports people came and thanked him. Jorge Vargas reported that Idahoan's for a FairTax, in alliance with Ada County Tea Party, hosted a Tax Day Rally on the steps of Idaho's Capitol, Boise.
Thanks to Jerry & Merle Hammett, a tax day FAIRtax Rally was held in Brooksville, Florida in front of the county court house simultaneously with the Trump Tower Rally.  Jerry & Merle made all the arrangements including getting permission to set up in front of the county courthouse and getting Art Trinque to set up a sound system.  Also, as you’ll see in the attached photos, Jerry arranged for a singer, Ms. Marty Johnson, a minister, Pastor David Garcia, and various local officials who addressed the attendees.  
This is from Jerry Hammett:  The singer's name is Marty Johnson, Pastor David Garcia of Grace World Outreach Church offered the prayer for President Donald Trump, our government officials and our nation, Art Trinque ran the sound system. Government officials that were there and spoke were Hernando County Commissioners John Mitten, John Allocco, and Steve Champion. Jimmie T. Smith, County Commissioner in Citrus County spoke as well as businessman Don Whiting. Sam Castel, Wil Nickerson, REC members, Jerry Hammett, Event organizer; Merle Hammett and your faithful group who traveled with their vehicles to Brooksville!
Marion County, Florida volunteers Joanne & Mathew Snyder, Donna Paget, Nick and Barb Rudelic, Ron and Elaine Maiellaro and Allen Moss attended. Allen brought his '32 Ford FAIRtax Hot Rod and Nick and Barb brought their FAIRtax Cruiser. After all the speeches, we held a question and answer period in which most of the discussion centered on the Prebate. The volunteers held a town hall meeting in front of Town Hall!
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