Planes, Steak & Water: Defending Donald J. Trump

Dear FairTax Supporters,
My name is Autry Pruitt and I have been an avid supporter of FairTax legislation for over 5 years.  HR25, for me, is the single issue by which I judge a candidate’s credentials for office. National tax policy can make or break a country. National tax reform is the single key to economic recovery, adding jobs, promoting fair trade and increasing national upward mobility. The FairTax is critical to this approach. I wasn’t always a fan of Donald Trump, but as he surged the polls and Mike Huckabee discontinued his campaign, it became apparent that Trump was the only candidate likely to support FairTax Legislation.

In my book, Planes, Steak & Water: Defending Donald J. Trump, I review Trump’s real record on the major issues and look not at the hyperbole but at the actual facts.  What I have concluded is that Trump is not only a very intelligent man but is not a Washington insider.   He will be willing to make the major changes that the Washington insiders have resisted but are desperately needed. 
At the end of Chapter 9, I examine the potential of FairTax legislation within a Trump presidency. I’ve included a sneak peak below:
Think about it this way: A tax reform bill with scores of public supporters in the House and Senate (and even more behind closed doors) has been vetted, tested, and has dozens of compelling whitepapers published in support of it, yet it can’t get a fair hearing or be brought to vote. What does that tell us about our political process and the old-boy network behind it? It should tell us that we need to seek forward-thinking candidates who are more concerned with positive change than with their own long-term political careers.

As Trump said, “It’s time for some different thinking…” Trump is already surrounding himself with people that are thinking differently and have done so in the past. The Fair Tax would be a brave way to put the substantial talents of these people to use for his administration, and for the country.

If the establishment and their surrogates such as Kevin Williamson (who, surprise, has had occasion to disparage Fair Tax supporters) had not so blindly opposed Trump and instead given him a shot, they might have had a better chance to influence his campaign and his policy, be it his attitude toward the Fair Tax, his blunt speaking manner, or his views about social issues. If the GOP has any sort of future, the arrogant, unyielding attitude of the party’s elders and their writing surrogates such as Bill Kristol need to change—quickly. Or people will continue to feel that there is no hope left or no way for them to succeed without government, then the wealthy and generous America that the world has come to know and rely on will largely cease to exist. Establishment Republicans failed to generate any voter excitement about any single candidate until Donald Trump tossed his hat into the ring, and no one else in the current crop of presidential contenders seems able to grab the voter’s attention like Donald Trump.

As the loyal supporters of national tax reform that I know you are, I hope that you will continue to fight the good fight for the United States. I encourage you to pick up a copy of PSW to learn more about Donald Trump’s history and credentials before making your way to the ballot box in November. The book will be released for purchase on September 16, 2016, and you can find out more by visiting  AFFT receives 20% of all purchases made through this link.

Autry is a Black-American from the Mid-West, who believes that it is time for African-Americans to examine not the rhetoric but the actions of politicians and the results of their actions.  His political life is dedicated to fostering a relationship between traditional and non-traditional groups that will allow them to make rational decisions about political candidates and let the politicians know that their vote are only available if promises are kept and conditions improve.  He is on the board of directors of Americans For Fair Taxation and his articles are regularly published in Forbes, American Spectator, The Hill, Downhill, and Brietbart.  Autry was the featured new-media broadcaster for two years at the “Shot Show” in Las Vegas and is scheduled to appear at the venue again in 2017.