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A good way to get out the FAIRtax brand – and raise your profile - is to get on broadcast media. If you contact Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Mark Levin, you most likely will not get on as a guest. (If you’re lucky, you can get on as a caller.) But you don’t have to play to a national audience. 

If you are FAIRtax-ing out in the field and have something to report, contact the FAIRtax Guys, Bob Paxton and Ron Maiellaro, via email ( well in advance, if possible, since the show is sometimes produced a week or two ahead of time. If you want to report on a recently held event, send them an e-mail with the names of those involved, the date and location and please included pictures.  They would be happy to feature you on their Wednesday morning digital TV show. (Don’t forget to send that material to me, too, for Grassroots Corner.)

Ron Maiellaro and Bob Paxton doing their signature move: unscrolling the FAIRtax banner

There are local radio stations – yes, even in major metropolitan areas - that are always looking for guests and material. California State Director Marty Sturmer was a guest April 4, 2019 on Jim Henderson’s “Feature Story” on KHMB radio in Half Moon Bay, California. Jim happens to be a fan of the FAIRtax, and he and Marty already knew each other.
Jim Henderson, Station Manager, KHMB

Marty’s interview, similar to other interviews, was slightly over ten minutes. Marty knew his subject and packed a lot in. If you would like to listen to the interview, click here

Half Moon Bay is near San Francisco, and KHMB is an example of a smaller radio station that can thrive in a major metropolitan area.
Marty Sturmer, left, and Frank Wagener, right, at the 2019 California Libertarian Party Convention, Crowne Plaza Concord/Walnut Creek.

Another example of a smaller radio station in a major market is WOBM in Toms River, New Jersey, sandwiched between the New York and Philadelphia media markets. New Jersey FAIRtax-ers were occasional callers-in to the Ask Your Congressman with former Congressman Tom MacArthur representing the Third Congressional District of New Jersey. FAIRtax State Director John O’Rourke appeared as a guest with the same host.

So now you want to reach beyond the FAIRtax guys and known hosts and break new ground? How do you find a station and get on? A do-it-yourself method to find a nearby radio station is to go to You can put in your zip code and get information about the call letters, frequency, location, and predominant format (talk, news, music, etc.) of the stations in your area. A link takes you to the station’s web site, where you can get contact information. Tease the station manager by telling him or her you have a bill in Congress with 30 sponsors that puts you in control of when you pay tax and how much tax you pay.

If you are willing to hire a booker rather than do it yourself (you cannot commit AFFT to any expense without first speaking with President Steve Hayes), contact Joshua DeLano (832) 910-7307,, in Orange Texas.
Josh Delano at the CATO Institute

Josh has connections all over the country, impressive resources, and his fee is reasonable. Josh’s fee is due when you and the station reach agreement about appearing on a show. Josh can put you on a podcast, YouTube, radio, “top 100” radio, TV and Skype. Josh has even gone as high as Hannity and has successfully put our President, Steve Hayes, and our former board member. Autry Pruitt, on a number of shows.

Yes, appearing on media does require a short FAIRtax learning curve. The good news is that the learning curve does not need to be extensive. Most hosts cannot budget more than ten minutes, which go by quickly. There is a limited amount you can pack into that time. Be prepared with your “elevator speech” (i.e., a speech that can be delivered in the time it takes an elevator to go up or down three floors, and for the doors to open) about what the FAIRtax is and why it should be.

I have a “moot court” booklet with the most frequently-leveled criticisms about the FAIRtax and would be glad to send it to you. If you read the booklet, you will be prepared for most of the hostile questions that can be asked. Don’t be afraid to admit that you do not know the answer to a question. Audiences can sense “BS.” If you are not sure, you can send the audience to our 1-800-FAIRTAX number. And don’t forget to guide listeners to our website,

Keep broadcast media in your inventory of FAIRtax activity, and let me know how you do.


We need more of you to send in pictures and news. If you have anything to share, please send your material to me at, or text me at (908) 578-4975, or fax me at (908) 598-2888. When others see your activity, they are inspired, and the process snowballs. When the process snowballs, Congress Members and Senators and, yes, even the President start to listen.
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