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  • 04/09/2021
Scaling The Walls

Do you find it frustrating to hear public figures such as Fox News Commentator Tucker Carlson talk about their "pet issues" without mentioning The FAIRtax?  How do we scale the walls to convince them to start talking about The FAIRtax?

Let’s not minimize the heights of these walls.  Public figures such as Tucker have huge national audiences.  They are bombarded daily with e-mails, tweets, phone calls, mail.  Their handlers need filters to cancel out what they consider to be “noise” and to feed their bosses with what they think is important.

Handlers tend to think inside the box.  The FAIRtax is clearly outside the box.  And public figures, shielded by their handlers, still must respond to sponsors, editorial boards, and ratings as they go about promoting their brands.

In fairness to Tucker, he wasn't specifically talking about taxes on March 7, 2020, but of the extortion threat from China to our economy from China being the exclusive supplier of medical devices and computer equipment, given we don't manufacture ourselves.   Click the picture to watch the video:

“Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Fox News, March 7, 2020

Thank you, Georgia FAIRtax Team Leader Phil Hinson for letting us in on this Tucker monologue.

We FAIRtax-ers can jump on the dictum from Tucker’s monologue about manufacturing.  If we didn’t have a tax system suppressing our manufacturing industry, China’s ability to extort us would be negligible.  And what's the best way to support our manufacturing industry?
We all know the answer:  Pass The FAIRtax! 

So how do we scale Tucker’s walls and convince him to talk about The FAIRtax? One way is a "call-to-action contact-the-show campaign – right here and right now"!  If we have a large enough Volunteer base who responds, we can potentially flood Tucker’s office at Fox with FAIRtax messages.

To contact Tucker, you have to use his online form by clicking here   The menu choices should be self-evident, but try:
  1. Send us a message
  2. After the “Submit A Request” link choose “Contact A Show"
  3. As you fill in your info and come to the space labelled “Show”, choose from the drop-down menu “Tucker Carlson Tonight"
  4. Choose a Subject for the Subject Space, and put your message in “details”
  5. When you click “Submit,” you’re done

Please send me an e-mail by clicking here to let me know you sent your message so I can keep count of how many of you respond to this call.   Your message to Tucker should connect his monologue to The FAIRtax.  Here is an idea:

Dear Mr. Carlson,
I am responding to your monologue on March 7, 2020.  In your monologue, you highlight China’s threat to extort us through its control over our supply chain.  You don't specifically mention our tax code, but it's clear federal-income-tax system hampers domestic production of items which come from China.

We need you to use your show to educate your viewers on replacing our tax code with The FAIRtax, HR25.  The FAIRtax would switch our supply chain over to American sources rapidly because it would end today’s punishment by the tax code of labor and capital.

The FAIRtax is the most significant tax reform designed so make your audience aware of it.  Assist to re-support our manufacturing industry and end our dependence on foreign manufacturing and the Chinese extortion.

Please vary your message so the Fox News readers will see it as individually composed and not pre-canned.  Such e-mails, in large numbers, are effective.  Fox may not be able to respond to your message, but it will be read it.  I already sent my message.

We know Tucker favors The FAIRtax.  Florida FAIRtax District Director Paul Livingston recently button-holed Tucker at a book signing in Jacksonville and learned Tucker personally favors our idea.  Tucker will need to overcome his management’s inertia.

Another way to scale the wall to Tucker-like celebrities is through the so-called “6 degrees of separation".  This theory states all people on Earth are six or fewer social connections away from each other.  We need to cast about for someone who knows someone who knows Tucker and to whom Tucker listens.  If we can bridge all the synapses, we will scale the Tucker Wall.

What are your ideas for getting to celebrated and famous people whom you do not personally know?

We’ve Got You Covered
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Call For Pictures & WriteUps
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When others see your activity, they are inspired, and the process snowballs.  When the process snowballs, Representatives, Senators and, yes, even the President start to take notice and listen to Us.

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Yours In Liberty!   Yours In Freedom!

Jim Bennett
AFFT Grassroots Coordinator & Secretary
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