Grassroots Corner - June 14th, 2019

Grassroots Corner - June 14th, 2019
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On June 4, 2019 the FAIRtax gained its 31st co-sponsor in the House of Representatives (in addition to sponsor Rob Woodall, GA-07 – bringing the total to 32). Our newest co-sponsor is Representative Michael Waltz of the Sixth Congressional District of Florida. Waltz’s district lies on the East Coast of Florida, North of the Kennedy Space Center and South of Jacksonville, and it includes Daytona Beach.

How did we get Waltz on the bill? The power behind the development was FAIRtax volunteer, Ed Connor of Ormond Beach, Florida.
Ed had emerged from a bad experience with then candidate Marco Rubio. Rubio clearly promised Ed and also then FAIRtax State Director Mark Gupton that he, Rubio, would co-sponsor the FAIRtax if elected to the Senate. Once in DC, Rubio bailed. We speculate that, once Rubio made it to DC, flat-taxer Dick Armey got to him. Rubio’s stated excuse was that he didn’t think the FAIRtax had a chance to pass. Obviously that logic is circular. If one is supportive of the bill, low chances of passage are the very reason to push it in Congress.
Following the Rubio experience, Ed has been requesting signed pledges.
Ed met Michael Waltz at the Ormond Beach, Florida, Republican Club when Waltz first announced his candidacy. Waltz made a big hit with the crowd. He is a first-rate military man and ran on his national security experience.
Ed watched carefully as Waltz answered questions. Waltz was clearly comfortable until the question came about the FAIRtax. Then, as Ed describes it, Waltz was a deer in headlights – he probably just didn’t know enough of the details. Waltz apparently regained his composure and brushed the FAIRtax off as not having a chance to pass. (Haven’t we heard that one before?)
Ed saw Waltz the next day at fundraiser at New Smyrna Beach, Florida, put on by Ed’s friend, Patrick Mooney. Ed made a presentation to Waltz, explaining that the FAIRtax would help him get elected. Waltz was grateful and studied the FAIRtax. Waltz said he would co-sponsor it.
Fast forward to another fundraiser at another political club just before the August 2018 Florida Republican Primary. Candidates Waltz and Fred Costello made presentations. Both committed to the FAIRtax at that event, and both signed the written pledge.
Waltz won the August 28, 2018 Republican Primary and went on to win the November 6, 2018 general election, becoming the Representative from Florida’s Sixth Congressional District. Ed thought he had a good relationship with Waltz and took it for granted that Waltz would get on board. But as time went on, Waltz wasn’t signing on to co-sponsor the FAIRtax.
Ed was persistent. He prodded Waltz District Director Ernie Audino multiple times, explaining that he, Ed, was taking incoming flak from the FAIRtax people. Ed explained to Audino that he was just being cautious because we’ve been burned before by the likes of Marco Rubio. Ed asked if Waltz had any concerns about the FAIRtax and was told no, Waltz was just busy.
Then Ed and the Florida Team got the news – Michael Waltz co-sponsored the FAIRtax!
The credit for this victory clearly goes to Ed. Ed and his team can pop the champagne, but the task ahead will be to help Michael Waltz carry the water for the FAIRtax.
Ed can look back with pride to an unbroken streak of FAIRtax supporters in his district, starting with Sandy Adams, then (following redistricting) John Mica, then Ron DeSantis, and now Michael Waltz. DeSantis went on to become the Governor of Florida.
Ed, Ron Maiellaro and the Florida Team are now working on Florida US Senator and immediate past Florida Governor, Rick Scott to become a co-sponsor.

Ed Connor is a 1964 graduate of the UC Berkeley College of Engineering. He was CEO of Golforms, Inc., an international design and construction Company involved in development and renovation of world class golf course facilities.
Mr. Connor was a registered Civil Engineer and licensed Contractor in several states. He was an active member of the American Alpine Club from 1970-1982. Mr. Connor and his wife, Pamela, retired to the Ormond Beach area in 2001.
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