Grassroots Corner - July 5th, 2019

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  • 04/09/2021
Meet Volunteer Adam Yomtov

Adam Yomtov, from Elmsford, NY, has been an active FAIRtax supporter since 1996.

He Volunteers as the New York State Co-Director and is now assisting with the administration of our donations, technology services and website.

Regarding your donation, if you receive a phone call or email from Adam Yomtov, its legitimate.  So Please call him on his mobile 917-689-3931 or EMAIL him to schedule a time to speak.

Most Importantly, you don’t have to wait for Adam to contact you.  If you know your card information and/or address has changed, then contact him immediately on his mobile 917-689-3931.  For security reasons and the protection of you and Americans For Fair Taxation, card information cannot be emailed.  You have to do it ole’ school and make a phone call.  Don’t worry, Adam’s NY accent isn’t too strong smiley.   Note:  Inputting your new information at our website won't update your current subscription.  You must call Adam.

Americans For Fair Taxation, like any organization, has recurring expenses even though we operate exclusively through Volunteers.  Because of these expenses, its important to make every dollar of yours count.

One way Adam makes your donation count is to receive email notices of transactions which, for 1 reason or another, have declined.  In my recent case, I cancelled my card due to unauthorized charges, so my credit card company issued me a new card with a new number.  1st thing to do is schedule a time to speak with Adam.

In the majority of cases where a card is declined, the Individual wants to continue donating to Americans For Fair Taxation.  When the card is updated with the correct card#, expiration date, and/or billing address-city-state-zip, your donations continue to flow in.  Updating information for an existing donor is just as valuable as finding a new donor.

Adam is also moving our Monthly Re-Occurring Donations from the FAIRtax USA database processor to our other company.  This consolidation enables better management of Americans For Fair Taxation, enabling us Volunteers to spend more time-energy on Advocacy, Fundraising, and Volunteer recruitment to fill positions like our District Director positions.  Hint Hint.  If you are interested in becoming a District Director, Please EMAIL me immediately.

Adam’s willingness to Volunteer to perform this task along with your participation, allows AFFT to stay in business so we can continue to advocate for The FAIRtax on your behalf.  Once again, if Adam contacts you, please respond to him and give or renew generously.

Special July 4th Message from Adam Yomtov

We celebrate our Independence, honoring those who banded together to successfully overthrow “tyranny” in 1776, birthing our Great Nation of these United States Of America.  However, 243 years later, we confront a new “tyranny”, our federal income tax system.  I plead for you to Call me immediately to update your card, so we can together, continue to support our efforts to pass The FAIRtax & Repeal The 16th Amendment.

The FAIRtax:  “Empowering The Individual Again!”  “Eliminating Tyranny!”


Call For Pictures & WriteUps

We need more of you to send in pictures and news.  If you have anything to share, please EMAIL your material to me, text me 908-578-4975, Fax me 908-598-2888.  When others see your activity, they are inspired, and the process snowballs.  When the process snowballs, Congress Members and Senators and, yes, even the President start to take notice.
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