Grassroots Corner - July 19, 2019

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  • 04/09/2021
Regional Mentors Wanted
We need Grassroots Supporters in place so we can be all-in when opportunity knocks.  Opportunity might knock as soon as the 2020 primaries, or it might knock during the next tax code overhaul.  A great way to grow Grassroots is to become a mentor to an Activist in another state or in another congressional district.
But wait a minute, if I find an Activist in Montana, and I’m on the East Coast, I don’t have the personal budget to fly to Montana!  How can we help folks in the field get started from anywhere in such a big country?  The answer: we need mentors positioned all over the country, and we can use the old-fashioned telephone.  Will you step up?
My mentor was in West Virginia and I live in New Jersey.  I was drawn into the movement in 2005 when I heard a radio interview and reached out to the national FAIRtax organization.  Bill Rollyson returned my call from The Mountain State.  Like many other professionals my age, I was time-challenged.  But at Bill’s nudging I decided to give The FAIRtax a go.  We talked often as I worked on building an organization in New Jersey.
I have tried to pay Bill forward.  Recently I took a drive through Connecticut and Massachusetts to visit 2 recent FAIRtax Activists Steve Leahy and Allen Waters, both pictured here.

So what do we say to new Activists like Steve and Allen?  Depends largely on their interests and strengths.  Earlier Grassroots Corners have addressed this question, but, to recap, the 1st step is to give the new Activist a list of past supporters in their state to start a group.  We need a signed Protected Assets Agreement from the Activist before we can release this information.  If the Activist wants to participate in an event, we can also provide event insurance.  But we need to report the event in advance to our insurance agent.  Let me know.
Looking through our archives, we started a system of Regional Directors years ago under the previous FAIRtax management.  Here is the old map.  Many of you remember Executive Director Cindy Canevaro who drew the map.

Some of the Regional Directors were more active than others and many are no longer active today.  Our goal is to bring back a map like this one and improve upon it.
Will you step up and volunteer to become a Regional Mentor?  If you are interested Email Jim Bennett

Call For Pictures & WriteUps

We need more of you to send in pictures and news.  If you have anything to share, please EMAIL your material to me, text me 908-578-4975, Fax me 908-598-2888.  When others see your activity, they are inspired, and the process snowballs.  When the process snowballs, Congress Members and Senators and, yes, even the President start to take notice and listen.
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