Grassroots Corner 4/5/19


Get your taxes done, folks, so that on Tax Day you can party like it’s before 1913! April 15th is the high point of the year for us FAIRtax-ers. Do you have any activities planned yet? Here are some ideas.

Tax Day at Trump Tower

If you have a critical mass of supporters for your own demonstration or event, a DIY (“Do It Yourself”) happening would be perfect. What can be more fun than a FAIRtax rally! Be sure to coordinate with your local police department or Town Hall. You may need a permit. Local authorities have the right to impose time, place and manner requirements as long as the requirements are reasonable. To get yourself covered for the event against slips and falls, send an e-mail describing your event to Marie Taylor,, and copy me at
If you want to do something as an individual, here are some ideas. I’m going again to my local train station during rush hour to hand out palm cards and flyers. Most of your towns probably don’t have train stations, but there may be other transportation hubs.  
Post Offices are good, too, even though people today file electronically. Postal rules do not permit you to conduct activity inside the Post Office. Each facility is configured differently, but if there are Post Office grounds outside, you may stand there with hand-held materials.  You may not have a table there or stake anything into the ground, and you may not impede access to the Post Office. Check with your local Postmaster.  
If you do not have the critical mass for a home-baked demonstration, here’s an idea from our California FAIRtax-er, Nancy Keesee. Tea Party Patriots (“TPP”) is hosting “Stop Socialism” rallies across the country on Tax Day, April 15, 2019. As you probably know, TPP is about issues other than FAIRtax, but their name means “Taxed Enough Already.” Their members are low-hanging fruit for FAIRtax recruitment and this may be a chance for you to get out the FAIRtax brand. If you are interested in attending one of their rallies, here’s the link to sign up:  Just remember that our movement is single-issue.
You will find this map on the sign-up page to look for a rally near you.

TPP organizers will probably not object if you bring FAIRtax signs to the event. You can certainly hand out palm cards and sign up folks for our e-mail list.
You can order palm cards and promotional items for any activity from the FAIRtax Store, . The FAIRtax Store ships out products every weekday on the day of the order or the following day. For planning purposes, your requested supplies should arrive within 2-4 days after an order ships, depending on distance – so plan ahead.  And remember, shipping and handling are free!
There are many other interesting items on sale now in the FAIRtax Store. Act quickly if you want larger promotional items such as the two remaining 6-foot banners - reduced  from $64.99 to $32.50. Our inventory of larger items is limited and may need to be special-ordered. If banners are your thing, check with the Store for production time as we may be out. To make sure your promotional items are available, and that you get them on time, call Carol or Eddie Stamm at the Logo Store: 386-736-1342.
Whatever you choose to do, don’t let Tax Day slip by. This is your chance to wave the FAIRtax flag when people are thinking about their income taxes.

What are your ideas for Tax Day? Please share them with me and let me know what you did.



We need MORE of you to send in pictures and news.  If you have anything to share, please send your material to me at, or text me at (908) 578-4975, or fax me at (908) 598-2888. When others see your activity, they are inspired, and the process snowballs. When the process snowballs, Congress Members and Senators and, yes, even the President start to listen.

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Enacting the FAIRtax must be a prominent topic on the Presidential Debate stage. We did it before, we can do it again, but we need your help!

Your gift of $25, $50, $100 – even $1,000 or more if you can possibly spare it – will help bring an end to the IRS and promote a FAIRtax. So, I urge you, please give as generously as you can.
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