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[Editor’s note: Randy Fischer is our tireless Team Leader for Marketing and Communications, but even with his energy, Randy needs help. Please read Randy’s job descriptions carefully and see if they might be a fit for you. Even if you do not presently possess all the skills in the job descriptions but are willing to learn as Randy did {his background is legal}, please step forward. Randy’s team is critical to the FAIRtax mission.]

What Can YOU Do?
By Randy Fischer, Marketing and Communications Team Leader

There are two questions I am asked as Marketing/Communications Team Leader for Americans For Fair Taxation nearly daily. First, why is “nothing happening”? Second, “what can I do to help make this happen?” 
My short answer is VOLUNTEER. The long answer has been covered in the past in Grassroots Corner and includes (but is not limited to) voting/sending a message to your Representatives at POPVOX (click this link ), get relatives, friends and co-workers to vote, get handout materials from, call talk radio, write a letter to the editor, and follow our social media accounts. [among many other things to be discussed in this column in the future]
On the volunteer side, there are many opportunities to help drain the Swamp and pass the FAIRtax. We can make more of those the subject of a Grassroots Corner in the future. But recently we have the greatest need in expanding our social media presence. 

We need people who have used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social media and who are comfortable and skilled with creating content for these platforms. We are posting on our website a list of areas of specialty where we are asking for volunteers with skills to volunteer to give us some time.  Again, this is not asking volunteers to devote countless hours but to contribute the amount of time they can—even a few hours a week will yield great results.
Here is the list:

  1. Creative Content Specialist: Work with our team to prepare visual and text for memes to be used on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Prior use of Power Point, Keynote, or a graphics compiler to locate, format and finalize educational and entertaining materials to be regularly posted on social media.
  2. Video and graphic Specialist: Prepare segments of audio and video content for posting on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Engagement Specialist: Monitor and respond as needed to the Facebook and/or Twitter messages, posts, comments and replies that have either negative, inaccurate, or inappropriate information about FAIRtax. We need persons who can educate but advocate when appropriate. We need one specialist in each time zone if possible.
  4. Editor for Facebook pages with responsibility for post acquisition, scheduling and sharing to other FAIRtax pages.
  5. Booker or media placement specialist: Search out and communicate with broadcast, internet, podcast, YouTube and other media shows to get a FAIRtax person on as a guest. Develop leads, create contacts, monitor shows and content and suggest booking of either Steve Hayes, The FAIRtax Guys, or other FAIRtax Volunteers. 

Outside the area of social media we could also use a volunteer who has software experience with database management and CRM (customer relations management software) for a project the Florida FairTax Educational Association is planning starting in April 2019 to focus on connecting and activating more members in one of our most active states which is Florida.  We are looking for someone who has had some experience with importing data to a software called DataConnect from thedatabank, gbc. Florida will have a volunteer information form at
Social media has the potential of reaching more people with a simple message of changing our  tax policy from a failed income tax to a simple, visible, and efficient national retail sales tax called FAIRtax. Please reach out to me at or call 1-800-FAIRtax (1-800-324-8023 extension 2) and leave me a message.
If you want the opportunity to devote the amount of time you decide that will have a great impact on getting our fellow citizens to force Congress to ignore the Swamp and do what is right for America, please contact us.
Randy Fischer, Volunteer, Director
Americans For Fair Taxation
Florida FairTax Educational Association
Chairman, Marketing and Communications
Ocala, Florida

Randy Fischer spent 36 years litigating in the courts of Florida as an advocate defending mainly personal injury claims against property owners and businesses. He became interested in FAIRtax in 1999 after years of wrangling with the IRS for himself and for his clients who were in need of information.
Since retirement in 2012, Randy has served on the Board of Directors of the Florida FairTax Educational Association focused on marketing, communication and social media and in 2014 assumed that same role on the Board of Directors of the Americans For Fair Taxation. He has co-chaired a Marketing and Communications Committee and edited social media pages like and He coordinates a variety of marketing including FAIRtax Power Radio, and helps to edit The FAIRtax Friday.
Randy has spent the past year helping to create FAIRtaxUSA and writes about our new FAIRtax Community today.



We need more of you to send in pictures and news.  If you have anything to share, please send your material to me at, or text me at (908) 578-4975, or fax me at (908) 598-2888. When others see your activity, they are inspired, and the process snowballs. When the process snowballs, Congress Members and Senators and, yes, even the President start to listen.

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