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  • 04/09/2021


“I learned some things raising kids and training dogs. … If there is a behavior you want more of what do you do? You reward it,” said former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee in the opening monologue to the first anniversary of his show on September 29, 2018. “And if there is a behavior you want less of, you ‘consequence’ it.” The Governor avoided the use of the word “punish” because of its political incorrectness. (But see further along.)
The Governor was referring to the FAIRtax. The Governor declared that if we were to apply the common sense of raising kids and training dogs to the economy, we would reward productivity, and we would “consequence” inactivity. 

“Let’s think about it,” the Governor proclaimed, “What would make for a strong economy? Things like work, savings, investment, and long-term planning.”
“But our current tax structure punishes [the Governor slipped here] those things. A tax is like a punishment, and we tax work with the income tax. We tax the money that you save with a tax on savings. We tax your investments if they’re good. And if you set aside money for your latter days, as well as to leave something for the next generation, we actually tax you after you die.”
The Governor continued, “But the same tax system rewards you for not working by giving you tax-free subsidies. And if you make a bad investment, we reward you by letting you write it off from your taxable obligations. This insanity is why I’ve been a strong supporter of the FAIRtax.”
We have posted the monologue here at
A big thank-you goes to Marketing Team Co-Chair, Randy Fischer, for capturing this link.
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