FAIRtax Friday And The Chairman’s Report - December 2nd, 2016

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President Reagan famously said in his 1981 inaugural address, “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”  President Reagan wanted to reduce the rapid growth of U.S. government revenues and the expansion of government. He said the best way to reduce U.S. government revenues was simple.

A person earning a paycheck should be given the entire amount—preferably in cash.  Then after a time to see and get used to his entire paycheck, the person should then walk into another building with a number of windows.  First, he would go to the federal income tax window and pay from his cash the federal income tax owed.  Then he would go to the Social Security/Medicare window and pay what was owed.  Then he would go to the state window and pay the state taxes from his paycheck.

Reagan said that after a few of these experiences, there would be a revolt and people would refuse to pay.  Well, Mr. President, you may be getting your wish. 

“Who’s Working in the Gig Economy”

For most of the 20th Century, most U.S. workers were employees.  This was known as the traditional economy.  In its November 25, 2016 issue, the Wall Street Journal put up a graphic about the Gig Economy. In the Gig Economy, more and more people are working in non-traditional ways and are being called non-traditional workers. 

There are several categories. Some have multiple employers, some are part-time employees but do independent work for other companies or people—like Uber and Lyft drivers.  Others are independent contractors and are not employees.  Then there are full-time employees who work independently during their off-time—moonlighters.

Here are some of the salient points:
  • Although jobs are scarce, 63% of the non-traditional workers are working by choice in this way
  • 35% of the U.S. workforce are non-traditional workers
  • The largest part of this group, about 35%, are working as independent contractors
  • The next largest part of this group, about 28%, are employed part-time and work the rest of their time as independent contractors
  • The total earnings for these non-traditional workers exceeds $1 trillion per year 
Independent Contractors and Taxes

Independent contractors are not employees and receive payment for their services and products with no income, payroll or state and local taxes withheld.  It is up to the independent contractor to calculate their income, subtract their expenses and pay their taxes on the net remaining.

Many people assume that most independent contractors do not report all of their income.  However, the IRS says that a company must file a 1099-MISC if:
  1. You made the payment to someone who is not your employee;
  2. You made the payment for services in the course of your trade or business (including government agencies and nonprofit organizations);
  3. You made the payment to an individual, partnership, estate, or in some cases, a corporation; and
  4. You made payments to the payee of at least $600 during the year.
Of course, many people provide services that cost each purchaser less than $600 per year and the opportunity exists to “not report” income.

How  Some Non-Traditional Workers Evade Taxes

Taxes are withheld from employees before they receive their check.  On the non-employee portion of the income received by non-traditional workers, the person receiving the income is allowed to deduct the expenses of earning the income from the gross amount of income and only pay taxes based on what is left.

Therefore, while an employee is very limited in their work-related deductions, independent contractors can deduct anything that is needed to do their work.  Some are very diligent and only deduct things that really are proper—although this is not an easy task given the complexity of the present income tax code.

However, many write off not just the business portion but their entire internet bill, cell phone bill, and auto expense.  They write off their apartment rent as an office expense.  Many also just make up deductions.  They can get away with this because the audit rate is so low.

The 2015 Internal Revenue Service Data Book showed that in 2015:
  • 1,228,117 individual income tax returns were audited
  • This means .8 percent of filers were subject to an IRS audit, or 1 in 120 of the households that filed a return
  • People reporting between $25,000 and $100,000 of income had less than a 0.5% chance of being audited
  • Even those reporting income of $200,000 had only a 0.64% audit rate 

President Reagan’s dream is becoming a reality—but not the way that he would have wanted.  President Reagan always preached personal responsibility and the sanctity of the rule of law.  The income/payroll tax requirements and rules are the law of the land.  Many non-traditional workers are taking advantage, both legally and illegally, of their ability to determine how much money to actually report for tax purposes.  They know that their chances of being audited are very low.  They also know that even if audited they will almost certainly only be required to pay the taxes owed. 

It is said that in all humor is some truth.  Late night host Jimmy Kimmel may have been speaking more about what is actually happening than just making a joke when he said, “Tomorrow is the day to mail in your tax returns, which means tonight is the night to start making fake receipts.”


The results of this election clearly show that the future of tax reform will be decided next year. Americans For Fair Taxation (AFFT) is one of the few worthy activities that does not spend your funds on salaries or even office space.  It is a group composed of people who are donating their time and even paying their own expenses. 

AFFT has been working for a long time to educate people about the FAIRtax. Oscar Wilde said, "You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies."  If you agree with this sentiment, then look at the enemies of the AFFT.  It is not the people.  It is the D.C. elites who profit from the existing income tax/payroll tax system—even though it is obviously harming the U.S.

By contributing (investing) $10.40 per month, you help provide a financial base to AFFT.  If you can make larger contributions (investments) these will be used not for salaries, as we are all volunteers, but for the needed updates to our economic studies which will be vital in 2017.
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