#288 Walle's World - The FAIRtax vs. the National Debt

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  • Source: YouTube
  • 10/29/2021
This episode of FAIRtax Power Radio is our quarterly visit with Jade Walle for “Walle’s FAIRtax World”. This is an extended episode in which CPA Jade Walle digs deep into the details of a subject related to the FAIRtax. After the last “Walle’s World”, a listener wrote in suggesting that Jade tackle how the FAIRtax might help reduce, or at least slow the growth of, our national debt. With a subject that’s squarely in his wheelhouse, Jade discusses several ways in which the FAIRtax would help with that problem. Of course, the FAIRtax would be just one factor in that rather complex equation, but there’s no question the FAIRtax would be vastly superior to the income tax in helping bring this problem under control.
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