Chairman Reports

The Chairman’s Report April 5th, 2024
When people learn about the FAIRtax, they often ask, “Who is stopping the FAIRtax from being enacted?” They see that the FAIRtax, a national retail sales tax on new, not used, retail goods and retail services, eliminates: The income tax and payroll taxes The need to keep receipts and file tax returns. The IRS Read More.
The Chairman’s Report March 29th, 2024
While President Biden’s proposed budget may get him votes—who doesn’t like a free lunch, he’s being rather dishonest regarding how he’s going to pay for it. The President would like us to believe that the lunch really is free but in reality, it’s not. Read More.
The Chairman’s Report March 22nd, 2024
Governor Mike Huckabee was born in Hope, Arkansas. He served as Governor of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007. We are proud that he is the Chairman of our Advisory Board. In 2007, he learned about the FAIRtax and endorsed it during his candidacy for the 2008 Republican Party presidential nomination. Read More.
The Chairman’s Report March 14th, 2024
If you’re a FAIRtax supporter, you know that there is a lot of deception being perpetrated against the FAIRtax. DC and its minions are determined to discredit the FAIRtax by any means they can. That includes spreading a wealth of disinformation that they know their friends in the media aren’t going to question. Read More.
The Chairman’s Report March 8th, 2024
One of the most frustrating things that Americans must do is prepare and file federal income tax returns every year which disclose confidential information to the IRS. The IRS assures us that our information is highly protected. We’re further assured that only authorized IRS personnel will have access to our data and that it will be used solely for the purpose of assuring income tax compliance. Read More.
The Chairman’s Report March 1st, 2024
Our Chairman’s Report this week is written by John Linder in response to some questions he received. John was the original sponsor and proponent of the FAIRtax and led the fight to keep the bill before Congress. He is extremely gratified that the House has agreed to submit the FAIRtax to an up or down vote in this session. Read More.
The Chairman’s Report February 23rd, 2024
What does artificial intelligence think of the FAIRtax? It is difficult to go through a daily news cycle without seeing some report about AI. Given the rapidly increasing interest in AI, is it fair to ask how AI perceives H.R. 25, the FAIRtax Act? Read More.
The Chairman’s Report February 16th, 2024
IRS Says Tax Enforcement Pays for Itself—and Then Some This is the title of an article in the Wall Street Journal on February 6, 2024 which documents the attempts by the IRS to justify keeping the $80 billion appropriated by Congress. Read More.
The Chairman’s Report February 9th, 2024
There are many reasons that the D.C. elite fight so desperately to keep the corrupt and broken federal income tax and payroll tax system in place. Some of these are: It is a great source of campaign contributions—threaten a special interest tax break and the money flows in to the politicians. Read More.

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