March 24, 2020 - Radio Personality - Todd Herman Supports The FAIRtax

FAIRtax Washingtonians Call To Action!

Dear Washington-State FAIRtax-ers,

A great thing happened several days ago and NOW we need your help to follow up.  Let me explain.

On 3/24/20, Randy Fischer AFFT Marketing Team Leader, called into Rush Limbaugh’s nationwide radio show and spoke with guest host Todd Herman.  Name ring a bell?  Todd has his own radio show out of Seattle, “The Todd Herman Show”.  You can read a transcript of Randy’s call with Todd at the end of this “Call To Action”Great news!  Todd is a solid FAIRtax-er!
Call To Action

Text Todd’s show live weekdays between 6am-9am (PT) on KTTH 770AM Seattle using 800-465-8770  (maybe you can text Todd outside these hours?).  In your text, you can go any of 3 different ways:

1.  Ask Todd to feature Steve Hayes - AFFT Chairman , or one of our other Leaders, on a 30-minute to 1-hour segment
2.  Ask Todd to speak regularly about The FAIRtax on his own show
3.  Ask Todd to meet with Steve Hayes - AFFT Chairman or one of our other Leaders.  One of us will travel to Seattle when conditions permit

Make the same requests via Email by clicking here to contact Todd   and/or sending the requests by mail to:
Todd Herman
1820 Eastlake Ave E
Seattle, WA 98102

Please let me know immediately when you’ve taken action by Emailing me by clicking here  Please include your name, address, phone# and email, all of which I shall keep confidential for our internal records only, so I can tabulate our responses.  I look forward to receiving your emails.

Best regards,
Jim Bennett, Summit NJ
AFFT Grassroots Coordinator, Secretary, Board Member
908-578-4975 M
Transcript Of The Call To Todd Herman Guest Host For Rush Limbaugh 3/24/2020
Start - 1:24:15

TH:  Let’s talk to Randy in Ocala, Florida. Randy, welcome to Rush Limbugh’s program. It’s Todd Herman keepin’ the seat warm for El Rushbo.

RF:  Todd, thank you so much. I’m a 29-year listener and a graduate of EIB Institute, and I know my job as a caller, which is to make the host look good.

TH:  Well done!

RF:  You make that so easy because you bring us positive conservative solutions just in line with what Rush says and in line with what The President says, and one of the solutions that’s been discussed is the Payroll-TAX holiday.  And you said, let’s go one better. Let’s end the Payroll-TAXes. That’s the largest tax that 80% of American workers pay.  And we can end the Payroll-TAX, end the Income-Tax, end the investment taxes and replace them with a single flat simple sales tax on new goods and we can do it at almost the flip of a switch.

So, let’s go with the Payroll-TAX holiday now! and then let’s pass H.R. 25, which is “The Fair Tax Act of 2019”.  And you will watch this economy take off like it’s been shot full of rocket fuel because that’s what will really help small business. Get this tax burden off their back.

TH:  Randy, I couldn’t agree more, and I will make one correction to you though, sir.  There are no graduates of the EIB Academy, EIB Institute, there’s no graduates, because Rush continues to teach, so that’s one, one thing that I would just add.

But you did a great job of making me look good, and I’m going to say something about The FAIRtax, Randy.  If you don’t know what this is, it’s a consumption-based sales tax. You can learn about it at their Website by clicking here  OK they don’t pay anything, this is me, this is just me taught, I just like this approach; this would revolutionize the country.

🇺🇸  You would be, you would get a waiver for about the first $56,000 dollars you spend depending on your family et cetera how many kids you have.  After that, things are taxed on a flat rate. Want to know what happens?

🇺🇸  No longer can Nancy Pelosi sell your pain. No longer can she work out secret deals to sell your pain to people like she’s done now. She’s selling your pain to her lobbyists at the big unions, et cetera.

🇺🇸  Everybody pays the same rate. The IRS is gone, and people are incentivized to save versus spending because you’re taxed on that spend.

🇺🇸  Secondly, when you look at a house that’s built, you look at a house that stands tall, you built that, you have value added taxes on the cutting down of the tree, there’s a tax, now the processing of the tree, the shipping of the tree, there’s taxing at every level;

🇺🇸  You take a $600,000 dollar house, it’s suddenly $200,000 dollars, but the house is just as good.

Great call, Randy! I appreciate that very very much. 

End - 1:26:55

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