Tom Patterson

Member, Board of Advisors

Tom is a graduate of Yale and obtained his M.D. at the University of Nebraska.
In addition to being an emergency room physician, Tom served in the Arizona State Senate as both the Majority Leader and the Minority Leader.  He also served as the Chairman of the Goldwater Institute for thirteen years.

Here's why Tom supports the FAIRtax: 

A majority of Americans believe their country is off the rails and they are right. The greatest experiment in self-governance in history is descending into self-destruction.

Our dysfunctional tax system is a major contributor to our decline. Our tax laws are based on punishing productivity. Worse, they are riddled with special privileges, exemptions and deductions, each of which represents a hard one prize secured over the years by a lobbyist for their clients. The result is a hopelessly Byzantine tax code which distorts economic decision making, is very costly to its participants and depresses America’s economic potential.

I hope with my participation on the advisory board of Americans for Fair Taxation, to join with my countrymen in the Herculean effort to institute a system of revenue raising which taxes consumption rather than productivity and which is more simple, fair and accessible to all.