U.S. House to Vote on Financial Freedom as Learned by Florida FAIRtax Educational Association

The FairTax Act of 2023, HR 25 was filed in the 118th Congress by Representative Earl L. "Buddy" Carter (GA-1).

Prime examples of freedom fights are the Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence and the Civil Rights Act. They are about the truth, "social justice", the "great good" and uniting people. The FAIRtax Act of 2023, HR 25, is the fight for "financial freedom" from the income/payroll tax system, defunding the I.R.S. and repeal of the 16th Amendment. The Act represents the largest transfer of power from the government to the people in over 100 years. The FAIRtax sales tax with monthly Prebate put the individual in control of when, amount of tax  paid and the individual tax rate. The Act is also about funding the government with a tax system that is simple, visible and efficient. The FAIRtax Act, HR 25 is to be scheduled for a House vote in the 118th Congress. 

Steve Hayes, President of the Americans for FAIR Taxation says, "The FAIRtax ACT is about financial freedom with real/true tax reform. There is much misinformation, half-truths and biased opinions about taxation because government, most politicians, lobbyists, the deep state, special interests and crony capitalists use the power and control of taxing for their advantage. Missing from all of their manic attacks is any attempt to defend the present corrupt income tax system or the IRS. If these people are against the FAIRtax Act, don't you think you should investigate its merits? Do not trust anyone…figure it out for yourself. Read the 133 page bill, learn more, view the videos, read the white papers at fairtax.org." 

A "yes" vote on the FAIRtax Act means:
  •        Part 1 of 2: Government to be funded with a national sales/consumption tax of $0.23 per dollar on all new goods and services. Used goods are not taxed.
  •        Part 2 of 2: Only one tax break, called the "Prebate", that most helps impoverished and low spenders, consists of a monthly tax refund of the FAIRtax. The "Prebate" is available only to legal U.S. residents and is based on subsistence level spending per family size. The Prebate means individuals will gain the financial freedom to determine with their spending when and how much FAIRtax they will pay and the effective tax rate. The Prebate disarms the sales tax critics.
  •        Defunding the I.R.S, repeal of the 16th Amendment (individual direct taxation), ending the income/payroll tax system and collecting the same total taxes.
A "no" vote on the FAIRtax Act means:
  •        A doubling of the I.R.S. agents as the solution to tax cheating and evasion
  •        Denying financial help to citizens with lower income.
  •        Continuing a deceptive tax system that taxes business to drive up their prices to pay their added expenses. Example, taxing big oil means the consumer pays more at the gas pump. 
  •        A tax code that D.C. manipulates to set one group against another--so we won't see just how poorly they are doing representing us. 
  •        And what D.C. fears the most, the ability of the people to see the true cost of government because it will be not hidden but on the receipt of every new retail purchase. 
  •        A vote against financial freedom, liberty and civil rights.
Other benefits of the FAIRtax Act
  •        Financial freedom unifies America to ensure the I.R.S. is defunded and the 16th Amendment is repealed
  •        Solution to tax evasion and cheating, approaching a $1 trillion per year problem
  •        Earn, save and invest without tax fears and concerns
  •        No annual tax filing and tax withholding
  •        No changes to Social Security and Medicare programs
  •        Moving the tax base from production to consumption, a larger/more stable base
  •        New tax collects the same total tax revenues as replaced taxes
  •        U.S. Treasury audits the 50 states who collect the FAIRtax tax from licensed businesses that are paid by the final consumer
Link to video of What is the FAIRtax?

Learn more, view the videos, contribute and join the all-volunteer organization at Fairtax.org.

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