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  • 05/03/2021

“This is the first time I have ever done something like this,” said Mary Ann Bennett, 102, of Fort Myers, Florida. What was Mrs. Bennett talking about?

Over five years ago, Florida FAIRtax State Director Mark Gupton gave activist Paul Livingston the go-ahead to find a district director in Florida’s 19th Congressional District. Paul got the district e-mail list from 2014, saved it, and promptly forgot about it.

Several years later, Paul took over as the Florida State Director and decided this year, 2021, to compose an email letter to the district. So, he dusted off the old list, and used it to send out 690 e-mail messages. Remarkably, only ten of them bounced.

So, what did Paul’s letter ask our supporters to do? Here’s the letter:

“Subject: Action to take, call your U.S. Rep to cosponsor the FAIRtax Act of 2021

“Hi FAIRtax friends,

“Congratulations, as your Florida District 19 has elected a young dynamic person, Byron Donalds, as your U.S. Representative to the 117th Congress. See what I mean. View the video of Rep. Donalds as an avid and strong FAIRtax advocate. Please view it at:

“The FAIRtax Act of 2021, HR 25 is filed in the 117th Congress and referred to the House Ways & Means Committee. The bill now needs the House membership to cosponsor the bill.

“# 1 action to take! Please call one of Rep. Donalds’ offices and ask him to become a cosponsor of the FAIRtax Act of 2021, HR 25.
Naples, FL dial (239) 252-6225
Washington DC dial (202) 225-2536
Cape Coral, FL dial (239) 599-6033

“Other actions to take!

“1. Need FAIRtax cards to help spread the FAIRtax word? Order the FAIRtax cards…Free of charge…including shipping and handling at
“The FAIRtax palm cards with the Prebate schedule are a great tool to educate and inform. The card front gains interest and curiosity with a listing of problems and bad practices by the federal tax laws and notes the root cause to be the 16th Amendment that needs to be repealed. The back of the card describes the FAIRtax tax, the monthly Prebate schedule, and action items.

“2. Contribute at We are an all-volunteer organization and need funds to amplify our voice and to grow.
“And stay well, my FAIRtax friend.”
Paul’s letter got Mrs. Bennett’s attention. She responded to the first part of Paul’s letter and called Congressman Donalds’ office in Naples. The office thanked her for the call.

As you may have guessed from the last name, Mrs. Bennett is someone with whom I have more than just a passing familiarity. She is my mother. She’s also the grandmother of seven grandchildren, and great grandmother of ten great-grandchildren (The great-grandchildren are all boys; an eleventh great-grandchild is on the way – the first girl).

Mrs. Bennett lives in the independent living section of Shell Point Village in Fort Myers, Florida, a 55-and-up community of 2,500 residents. She decided to give up driving at age 100 and keeps her mind sharp by doing crossword puzzles and playing Rummikub and Bridge with her many friends. When Florida’s COVID restrictions were lifted, she resumed attending church in person on nearby Sanibel Island.

Mrs. Bennett is probably the most gregarious resident of Shell Point Village and knows people in most of the complexes. She enjoys reading parts aloud in plays and makes frequent appearances on Shell Point TV. Here is the YouTube clip commemorating her 102nd birthday:

Mrs. Bennett is a living tribute to the adage that age is just a number – and you’re never too old to be a FAIRtax supporter.

Do you have a Mary Ann Bennett in your life? If you do, I would love to hear from you.
Yours In the FAIRtax Movement!

Jim Bennett
AFFT Grassroots Coordinator & Secretary


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