The Grassroots Corner March 13, 2023

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  • 03/10/2023


Responding to exploding press activity in recent weeks (including an attack in the Chicago Tribune from columnist Clarence Page), our own Louis Phillipine of Las Vegas sent this letter to the editor of the Las Vegas Review-Journal that appeared on February 10, 2023:


In response to Clarence Page’s Feb. 3 e-edition commentary concerning the Fair Tax:

The Fair Tax has been studied in depth for many years and is supported by many economists and both Democrat and Republican politicians. Mr. Page stated, “But already this tax simplification plan is sounding too complicated for me.” The Fair Tax plan consists of 131 pages whereas our federal income tax code contains more than 70,000 pages. Does Mr. Page think our current system is not too complicated?

Our current plan forces many citizens to pay accountants and other tax preparers. The Fair Tax takes the burden off citizens. They would no longer have to file a tax return as they would pay a “consumption” tax (federal sales tax) on any and all new products or services. Were you to purchase all used items you would not pay any tax. You control how much you pay, not the government.

Because the tax is collected at the cash register, the burden of forwarding the revenue to the Treasury Department falls on the retail outlet. Most of them already do this with state and local sales taxes so it would not be a burden to add one more transaction.

Because the Fair Tax is a consumption tax, everyone would pay — those working under the table, those earning income illegally and, actually, anyone, legal or illegal, making a purchase.

Our current tax code affects us all. If you have a savings plan, a 401(k), a pension plan, stocks and bonds or make practically any financial transaction, the income tax code affects you. The Fair Tax takes that away.

Maybe Mr. Page should go to the Fair Tax website and see exactly how thoroughly this plan has been thought out.


We thank Louis for his thoughtful comments, certainly more thoughtful than Clarence Page’s.

I would love to hear from you if you were successful in having an LTE published in support of the FAIRtax.
Jim Bennett
AFFT Grassroots Coordinator & Secretary


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