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  • 07/05/2021

Jerrod Sessler is one of our newest signers of the FAIRtax Candidate Pledge and he brings a noteworthy background to our cause. Jerrod is a conservative Christian, successful businessman, terminal cancer survivor (22 years), former NASCAR driver, and an honored US Navy Veteran.

Jerrod served on the aircraft carrier, USS Constellation (CV-64) in the years following high school and before earning dual engineering degrees in college. During his Navy service, Jerrod earned the US Navy Achievement Medal.

He is the CEO of HomeTask, Inc. which includes several brands, primarily in the franchise business. Jerrod's company was recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine in its 2008, 2009, 2011 & 2013 lists of "Franchise 500" firms.  In 2007, Jerrod earned the SBA Small Businessperson of the Year award. In 2010, he was honored with the SBA Veteran Champion of the Year.

Jerrod is running for Congress in Washington State’s Fourth Congressional District. The district is geographically the largest district in the state and runs down the middle of the state from Canada to Oregon.

He is running for Congress because he believes in traditional American values founded in Judeo-Christian principles.   Those values drive his vision in every endeavor he pursues. He sees the potential for a healthy, unified America, but knows that can only happen when most of the people adhere to a traditional belief system.  To learn more about Jerrod's campaign, visit

Jerrod Sessler appears to be the front-runner in the effort to unseat incumbent, Dan Newhouse. There are two other Republicans running in next year’s primary, and possibly a third. In all likelihood, the winner of the Republican primary will win the seat since the District leans about 60% Republican, and there are no serious Democrat or Independent contenders for the general election. At the moment, we don’t know any of the other candidates’ position on the FAIRtax.

Jerrod learned of the FAIRtax in the Spring of 2021 while attending a training meeting with other congressional candidates.  A group of FAIRtax volunteers was on the program’s agenda and Jerrod liked what he heard from them.  He was given a copy of the FAIRtax book by Boortz and Linder which he nearly completed during his flight home. Because Jerrod is an engineer and a businessman, he sees the unprecedented benefits that the FAIRtax would bring to America.

Jerrod believes that the FAIRtax would stimulate the most robust growth for the American economy in history.  Currently, billions of dollars are being kept offshore as companies try to shield as much of their foreign earnings as they can from an oppressive US tax system.  The FAIRtax would allow those billions of dollars to be repatriated into the American economy.

In addition, some studies have indicated that the FAIRtax would reduce tax evasion by 95% (The FAIRtax- Expected Effect on U.S. Tax Evasion, September 15, 2020, by Jade Walle).  The IRS Commissioner has just recently admitted that fraud and evasion cost the IRS nearly a trillion dollars a year.

Jerrod sees the opportunity to combine real growth with the real leadership he plans to bring to Congress.

Jerrod is married to his wife, Nikki. The couple has three grown children, Gabe, Farrell, and Jake.

Do you know someone like Jerrod Sessler? If so, I would love to hear from you.

Yours In the FAIRtax Movement!

Jim Bennett
AFFT Grassroots Coordinator & Secretary


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