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  • 12/02/2022


Our Board Member and Big Four public accounting firm partner, Jade Walle from Colorado, has been busy with appearances. Recently he flew to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to join The FAIRtax Guys on their weekly radio program. A caller named Jim from New Jersey asked if the FAIRtax, being a sales tax, is unfair to the poor. Jade rattled off several reasons why the FAIRtax is actually helpful to people at the lower end of the economic spectrum.

For an encore, Jade published the following article in FreedomHub:

Fund Government without Taxing our Income? Really?

While Covid awakened normal Americans to the threat of global elitists – wanting to control behavior via vaccine passports, carbon footprints and a digital true Great Awakening, the grassroots need to pressure Congress to abolish the Income Tax.

The FAIRtax movement has introduced and pushed this solution in Congress for over two decades. But, never has the leadership in DC allowed a vote on this bill. Why? Because to lose the IRS as a weapon for control would allow more Americans to demand more independence from the cartels that use the government to oligopolize each market.

Right now, those in power can sic the IRS on troublesome advocates with bankrupting audits – as exposed with the Obama White House and Tea Party victims. Given the Homeland Security department’s recent claim that terrorist threats emanate no longer from overseas, but rather from patriots who support American values, it’s more important than ever to abolish the IRS.

Mr. Walle, an accountant, believes not only will IRS abolition free the people from tyranny, but also it will save the market from the Biden economy now inflating away our income. By removing the embedded income and payroll tax costs built into products we consume, the FAIRtax will attract even more foreign investment than now happening with our dependable dollar. With entrepreneurship freed from the uncertainty and expense of the complex income tax code, small mom ‘n pops will flourish, and our middle class will be restored. We will simply pay the FAIRtax when we consume new products and services – and never fill out an IRS tax or income tax form again. 

Thank you, Jade, for educating the public by posting this short article on FreedomHub. If you have posted anything on a blog site or an online newspaper, I would love to hear from you and feature you in this column.
Jim Bennett
AFFT Grassroots Coordinator & Secretary


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