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  • 03/30/2023

Meet Advisory Board Member Steve Moore

Steve Moore
Steve Moore has been a supporter for real tax reform since I first met him in 1991.  We are delighted that he has agreed to be on our Board of Advisors.

Along with Steve Forbes, Art Laffer and Phil Kerpen, Steve formed the Committee to Unleash Prosperity.  They publish a weekday newsletter, “Unleash Prosperity Hotline” that provides the truth about many of the outrageous statements coming from Washington.  It's a fantastic mix of short news, commentary, and humor items compiled each day by Steve and his awesome team. It's safe to say this is the newsletter D.C. doesn't want you to read! Sign up for it here.

Here is Steve’s article.

If you want to “drain the swamp”, increase economic growth and jobs, and ensure that the U.S. retains our status as the world economic superpower, it’s time we scrap the entire income tax monstrosity and move to a FairTax. Did I mention that instead of the Joe Biden scheme of adding 97,000 new IRS agents, we could effectively abolish the IRS once and for all.  
It’s well known that one of the greatest levers of power in Washington, DC is the tax code.  Members of Congress and lobbyists buy and sell favors all the time thanks to our more than 50,000 page incomprehensible tax code.  With a simple fair tax – which abolishes the income tax, the corporate tax, the capital gains tax, the dividend tax, the payroll tax and the dreaded death tax - there is nothing for politicians to buy and there is nothing to sell.  
At the center of it all is the IRS.  This is the agency that drives corruption and kills prosperity, and because Washington DC refuses to hold them accountable, the agency’s tentacles continue to grow. The IRS will soon be tracking every one of your transactions, your bank deposits and withdrawals, and even personal lifestyle decisions – such as, what kind of car do you drive, how often do you go out for dinner, where you take your vacations.
I don’t think the FairTax is perfect – no tax system is – but one thing I LOVE about it, is that it will no longer be any of the government’s business how much money you make.  This ensures taxpayer privacy and keeps government out of the boardroom and your bedroom. 
That’s why the only way to truly slay this leviathan, is to lop off its head.  It’s time to kill the IRS once and for all and implement a FAIR Tax.  
The FairTax is a proposal for a consumption tax, often referred to as a national sales tax, that would replace the current federal income tax system in the United States. The FairTax is a simple, fair, and transparent tax system that would revolutionize the way the government raises revenue and the way individuals and businesses pay their taxes.  The tax rate would be somewhere near 23%.  But that would be the ONLY federal tax you pay.  And you pay at the cash register so now April 15th would be a normal spring day – without weeks of tax preparation. 
Under the current unfair income tax system, high-income individuals and businesses are able to take advantage of deductions, credits, and loopholes to reduce their tax liability. The FairTax, on the other hand, would be a flat tax that would apply to all purchases, regardless of income level. This would ensure that everyone pays their fair share of taxes, regardless of how much money they make.
The FairTax is economically smart, administratively clean, and most importantly protects our liberties.
Without the burden of the powerful, corrupt IRS enforcing an income tax, it would be rocket fuel for the U.S. economy. Imagine how much we would grow and how prosperous we would become if we started taxing people on what they take out of the economy -- which is what they consume -- rather than what they put into the economy, which is their work and their thrift and their productivity and their entrepreneurship.  
The people who would benefit the most from this plan would be lower-income Americans because there would be more jobs, more opportunities.  You'd see dramatic increases in living standards for Americans if we just simply taxed people on what they consume rather than what they earn.  
Do you want to bring down the trade deficit and become less reliant on China. The Fairtax imposes a legal tariff on imported goods from China, but when our company’s sell things abroad, there is no U.S. tax imposed.  This is a tax system that ensures that more and more products and services are Made in America.
I’ve devoted most of my career to tax reform and the FairTax is the Holy Grail.


As Steve points out, the Ruling Elite and their minions are desperate to keep the income/payroll tax system in place.  It gives them control over all of us and can be used as a giant ATM machine.

There is going to be a vote on the FAIRtax in the House of Representatives.  McCarthy and the other elites didn’t want it, but it was forced on him.

We now have the opportunity to force all Members of the House to show where they stand.  They can:
  • Vote for the present income/payroll tax system or for the FAIRtax.
  • Support the corrupt income tax and the IRS or eliminate it.  It can’t be any simpler than that.
  • Hide the true cost of their government or pass the FAIRtax and show everyone the true cost of government on each retail receipt.
  • Support the largest transfer of power from government to the people, the FAIRtax, or not.
If Members think that the FAIRtax needs to be changed, then they can propose the change.  Don’t condemn the entire bill because it has a “flaw” that can be easily addressed.  

Please stand with us and demand that your representative support a much fairer, much simpler and much more efficient way to fund the government—the FAIRtax!

The FAIRtax doesn’t pick winners and losers.  Because it taxes spending, not earnings, the FAIRtax lets everyone save for their retirement tax free.  

The FAIRtax collects the revenue that the federal government needs to operate but does it in a way that has the least impact on our individual freedom and the least impact on our economic prosperity.  

There are no tax returns to file and no records to keep.  We pay our federal taxes when we make retail purchases of new goods and services, and there is no need for the IRS.  If you sell a used couch or used jet ski online, there is no FAIRtax due on that transaction.

The FAIRtax will allow us to TAKE BACK CONTROL.

The income/payroll tax system is broken and no longer working—we can’t repair it but we can replace it with the FAIRTAX!
We all should remember Edmund Burke’s warning that applies to our efforts to TAKE BACK CONTROL,
“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”
We should also remember this quote from George Orwell's 1984, which, if we do nothing, may foretell your and your children's future:
“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.”
We can write letters and make calls to our elected representatives and attend Zoom town hall meetings demanding that if they really want to allow Americans to “TAKE BACK CONTROL”, the first step is to eliminate the income/payroll tax system and enact the FAIRTAX!

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