The Chairman’s Report March 22nd, 2024

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  • 03/22/2024

Mike Huckabee continues to promote the FAIRtax

Governor Mike Huckabee was born in Hope, Arkansas.  He served as Governor of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007.  We are proud that he is the Chairman of our Advisory Board.

In 2007, he learned about the FAIRtax and endorsed it during his candidacy for the 2008 Republican Party presidential nomination. 

He sought the 2016 Republican presidential nomination and again the FAIRtax was part of his platform.  When Donald Trump was nominated, the Governor campaigned across the country for him.

Mike hosted a successful talk show on the Fox News Channel from 2008 to 2015.

Since 2017, he has hosted a very successful show on TBN that airs every Saturday night at 9:00 pm EDT.

He has been married to his First Lady Janet for 49 years and they have three children and seven grandchildren.  

Mike says that he supports the FAIRtax because it helps the people at the bottom of the economy, takes power from the politicians and gives it to the people, is simple, and is the only tax reform plan that is guaranteed to completely eliminate the IRS!

Here is his monologue from March 2, 2024 on his TBN show.

Please share it with everyone you know and put it on your social media. Ask your friends what they think and ask them to share it with others.

Preview YouTube video How to Get Rid of the WORST DAY of the YEAR | Monologue | Huckabee
How to Get Rid of the WORST DAY of the YEAR | Monologue | Huckabee



As Mike clearly states, the choice is easy—do we want a system for funding the federal government:
  • That is so simple everyone can understand it.
  • That shows the costs of the federal government on every retail receipt so all of us understand what we are paying.
  • That helps U.S. companies compete with foreign competitors.
  • That keeps jobs in the U.S. rather than exporting them to other countries.
  • That permanently establishes the solvency of Social Security and Medicare.
D.C. is ignoring the one real solution that allows us to remain citizens and not subjects, the FAIRtax.  The FAIRtax is simple, non-invasive, but most of all, IT WORKS!

Please go to this link to invest in AFFT and help us pass the FAIRtax.  It’s an investment in your and your family’s future. 


Why would D.C. pass the FAIRtax and give up this almost unlimited source of donations?  The only way that they will is if the rest of us demand it!
Isn’t it time to end this ludicrous tax collection system and the IRS?

There is going to be a vote on the FAIRtax in the House of Representatives.  

We now have the opportunity to force all Members of the House to show where they stand.  They can:
  • Vote for the present income/payroll tax system or for the FAIRtax.
  • Support the corrupt income tax and the IRS or eliminate it.  It can’t be any simpler than that.
  • Hide the true cost of their government or pass the FAIRtax and show everyone the true cost of government on each retail receipt.
  • Support the largest transfer of power from government to the people, the FAIRtax, or not.
If Members think that the FAIRtax needs to be amended to address a problem, then they can propose the change.  Don’t let them reject the entire bill because it has a perceived “flaw” that can be addressed.  

By contributing (investing) $10.40 per month, you help provide a financial base to AFFT.  If you can make larger contributions (investments), these will be used not for salaries, as we are all volunteers, but for the needed updates to our economic studies which will be vital for all future years.
Please go to this link to invest in AFFT and help us pass the FAIRtax.  It’s an investment in your and your family’s future. 
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