The Chairman’s Report March 25, 2022

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  • 03/25/2022

Today’s Chairman’s Report is written by Jade Walle.  Jade is a partner of a CPA firm and is on the board of Americans For Fair Taxation. 

War!  How would the FAIRtax factor in? 

It goes without saying that the root causes of war are multifaceted and complex.  When human beings are involved, egos, predispositions, prejudices and preconceived notions are certainly in play when war breaks out, among multiple other components.  As I write this article, Russia’s invasion into Ukraine has been going on for over three weeks, with new reports of death and destruction every day.  

The question that is worth asking is how the FAIRtax could possibly contribute to lessening or even preventing the prospect of war within a nation? 

Causes of war


While not all-encompassing, several substantial root causes that can and have historically ended in war include the following:


One of the greatest lessons learned from the World War II era is how Neville Chamberlain’s initial acquiescence in permitting Hitler to “only” take the Sudetenland, as outlined in the Munich Agreement of 1938, didn’t work.  This example of weakness and lack of backbone and courage accomplished the exact opposite of what Prime Minister Chamberlain wanted and likely believed his appeasement would do.  The lesson learned is that weakness is provocative!  


Abraham Lincoln famously said in 1858, prior to becoming president, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  Most everyone would agree this principle is true in virtually all aspects of life, whether it be in our politics, our companies, and most certainly our families.  When people, groups, regions, or countries do not see fundamental truths, whatever those may be, in the same light, they become divided.  When we take a divided people, group, or country to its logical conclusion, war is ultimately inevitable, although it is often unseen in its early stages. 

Stage left, enter, the FAIRtax.


The FAIRtax will bring many incredible things to all American citizens, but one of the paramount, underlying principles is that of freedom!  With the FAIRtax, there will be no more intrusive IRS digging into every detail of your financial life.  Under the FAIRtax, the government no longer has any business knowing how many square feet of your home are devoted to your home office, how many miles you drove for business, how much you spent on medical care, who you made charitable contributions to and how much money you gave, how much you earned from your job, your investments or any other income source, and the list goes on.  

When people feel free from the shackles of the IRS and our current income and payroll tax system, they will be innately empowered to blaze their own trail in all aspects of life, uninhibited by a federal taxation system that currently introduces and injects roadblocks at almost every turn. 

Another aspect that a taxation system like the FAIRtax that’s based on freedom and anonymity brings, is that it is a strong contributor to a group of people, states or regions loving their country.  Growing up, it seemed like every other movie I watched had at least one quote where someone replied to a question with, “It’s a free country.”  Although recently our freedom can be compared to the frog in a pot of water where the temperature is slowly being turned up, the FAIRtax would usher this phrase back into our everyday vernacular like no other piece of legislation ever has!


When people love their country, it tends to be less divided making it stronger overall, and less susceptible to being overthrown, as Mr. Lincoln’s previous quote amply articulates.  It is extremely difficult to conquer a truly strong country that feels free and even more difficult to divide that country from within.

When the IRS is finally eliminated, one of the single strongest elements of internal U.S. class warfare and domestic strife will be completely eradicated.  Currently, every political cycle is guaranteed to encompass the “rich need to pay their fair share” mantra while both sides of the aisle will justifiably be accused of “tax and spend” policies.  

An immense amount of time, treasure, talent, energy, and lobbying effort is wasted every year trying to amend the income tax code.  Every two-year congressional cycle sees literally thousands of bills proposing amendments to the internal revenue code of 1986.  Politicians on both sides of the aisle are constantly trying to exploit humanity’s most susceptible vice, the most evil of the seven deadly sins, envy.  The FAIRtax will single-handedly end this continued villainization of our fellow Americans, and be even more progressive than our current system.  

That means that the working poor and those earning and spending the least among us will be much better off under that FAIRtax than under the current income tax system. While there are certainly myriad other causes of war, there is no question that weakness and divisiveness are two extremely prominent and potent causes of the most gruesome of human enterprises.  War may still come knocking at our door someday, but our nation being on the right side of these two elements is essential to our longevity and continued way of life.  Let us usher in the FAIRtax and simultaneously make America both stronger and unified!


What can each of us do? 

We can write letters and make calls to our elected representatives demanding that if the government really wants to eliminate the burden of filing income tax returns, they should enact the FAIRtax and do away with tax returns altogether.

The great 18th-century Irish statesman Edmund Burke made a statement that applies in many ways, “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”

If you want to prevent the IRS from being further weaponized to punish those of us who may object to the D.C. opinions and dictates of what is good for us, then help us PASS THE FAIRTAX!

The IRS will be gone and we will pay our taxes when we make purchases.  WE and not D.C. Elites will decide how much federal tax we pay!

If you have friends who don’t know about the FAIRtax, send them to  Have them watch the white boards under “How It Works” and, if they agree, ask them to please join us.

Then contact your Members of Congress and the President and demand that Congress pass -the FAIRtax—the only fair tax

Remember, if we don't continue to tell the truth and demand a change, then this quote from George Orwell's 1984 may foretell our children's future:

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.”

Is it hopeless?  When confronted with a seemingly impossible problem, remember the statement attributed to the author George Bernard Shaw who wrote, You see things; and you say “Why?”  But I dream things that never were; and I say “Why not?”

Isn’t it time for us to ask, “Why not?”


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