The Chairman’s Report January 7, 2022

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  • 01/07/2022


In every period of history in which people were suppressed, or even worse, by a government, those actions required the cooperation, or at least the acquiescence, of a portion of the population.

For example, the brutal destruction of the Jewish people by the Nazi regime could not have happened without the assistance of many other people who were not Nazis.  The extermination camps were able to operate because someone transported the victims to them and others provided the food and other supplies needed to keep the camps going.

How long do you think this ridiculous income/payroll tax system would survive without tax professionals supporting it?  Most of us don’t file our own federal income tax returns.  We either pay professionals directly, or use a software program designed by tax professionals in an effort to pay as little tax as possible and to be sure all the forms are filled out correctly.

How long do you think the very wealthy and special interest groups would tolerate the current system if there were no tax professionals available to help them navigate the complexities of the tax code and take advantage of all the exemptions, deductions and loopholes that help them drastically reduce the amount of tax they would otherwise owe?  Probably not long.

8 Reasons Law Students Should Choose To Become Tax Lawyers is the title of a recent article at the website.  

As a “recovering” tax attorney, I can tell you that the article clearly demonstrates that many in the legal and tax profession are still “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic” after it hit the iceberg.  The author apparently doesn’t realize, or doesn’t care that each of the “reasons” is an indictment of the present income/payroll tax system.
Here are the reasons:
  • Tax Lawyers Are Always in Demand
  • You’ll Earn a Competitive Salary
  • You’ll Experience Job Satisfaction
  • Tax Law is Influential
  • Tax Law is Challenging
  • Tax Laws are Always Changing 
  • You Get to Work With Different Types of People
  • Tax Law Provides Even Further Specialization
  • Tax Law Provides Variety in Work
  • Tax Law Is Far From Boring


Adam Smith, the great 19th century Scotch economist and author of the Wealth of Nations, said: Little else is requisite to carry a state to the highest degree of opulence from the lowest barbarism but peace, easy taxes, and a tolerable administration of justice: all the rest being brought about by the natural course of things.
The purpose of a tax system is to collect revenues--not to richly reward tax professionals and politicians and not to encourage elaborate schemes to reduce taxes.  
Many years ago a retired U.S. Senator told me, Bureaucracies breed like rabbits.
Bureaucrats love the Internal Revenue Code.  The complex and almost unintelligible language ensures that many bureaucrats will have plenty to do and that there will always be a need to hire more and more bureaucrats—look at President Biden’s plan to hire 80,000 more IRS agents.
Tax professionals love the Internal Revenue Code.  As pointed out in the above article, it provides them great compensation and numerous other benefits.  However, by keeping the unfair and incomprehensible income/payroll tax system running, these tax professionals and bureaucrats are not just harming the rest of us, they’re actually profiting handsomely from our misery.
In many respects these bureaucrats and tax professionals say, It’s not our fault that we profit from the income/payroll tax system.  We are just providing a public service.  If we didn’t do this then someone else would.
Let me be clear.  I’m not implying that anything being done by the income/payroll tax system is even remotely comparable to the horrible atrocities that governments throughout history have perpetrated on people, but there is a similarity.
Both government atrocities and the income/payroll tax system must be enabled by a portion of the population who often justify their actions in similar ways.
Not all tax professionals ignore the destructive aspects of the income/payroll tax system.  Many have chosen to join the FAIRtax movement.  Many others have moved to other areas of the law or accounting that actually help businesses grow and succeed by producing better products and services and that don’t rely on “tax gimmicks”.  
Isn’t it time for tax professionals to emulate Atlas when the burden of the world became too great to bear—HE SHRUGGED!


Billy Tauzin, the Congressman from Louisiana who sponsored the first legislation to replace the federal income tax with a national retail sales tax, was asked what would happen to all the people who work there if the IRS was shut down.  His answer: Move them to the DEA where they can trace illegal money.
Like most of society, most tax professionals are good and decent people.  They have families they love and are good neighbors.  Many of them feel trapped by the income/payroll tax system that has provided them their income and standard of living even though they sense or even believe that it is a corrupt and horrible way of funding government.  These tax professionals have mortgages, car payments and kids going to college.

We all can understand how distressing it would be to see your source of income go away.  However, replacing the income/payroll tax system with the FAIRtax will not immediately throw all tax professionals into the unemployment line.  Many will have at least one year of continued work to handle the income tax returns from previous years.
It is also true that tax professionals, as a group, are very intelligent and able people.  They will have many opportunities to use their skills and knowledge to help rapidly expanding businesses in other ways.

However, even if some tax professionals see their income reduced, does this justify their resistance to a reform that helps the rest of us?  

Because of the benefits to the American people, we could easily justify getting Congress to pass a supplement to replace any lost income to bureaucrats and tax professionals for a year.

The FAIRtax can make a dramatic impact on all of our lives for the good.  We can TAKE BACK CONTROL OF OUR LIVES!

Since we still have elections, we have the ability to elect federal representatives who will replace the complex income/payroll tax system with the FAIRtax.  

We just need to keep pointing out the insanity of the complex income tax and the benefits of the FAIRtax to everyone.  Our friends and neighbors who we need to vote with us for a sane system of taxation just need to be informed.   


We can write letters and make calls to our elected representatives demanding that if the government really wants to eliminate the burden of filing income tax returns, they should enact the FAIRtax and do away with tax returns altogether.

The great 18th century Irish statesman Edmund Burke made a statement that applies in many ways,

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”

If you want to prevent the IRS from being further weaponized to punish those of us who may object to the D.C. opinions and dictates of what is good for us, then help us PASS THE FAIRTAX!

The IRS will be gone and we will pay our taxes when we make purchases.  WE and not D.C. Elites will decide how much federal tax we pay!

If you have friends who don’t know about the FAIRtax, send them to  Have them watch the white boards under “How It Works” and, if they agree, ask them to please join us.

Then contact your Members of Congress and the President and demand that Congress pass -the FAIRtax—the only fair tax.

Remember, if we don't continue to tell the truth and demand a change, then this quote from George Orwell's 1984 may foretell our children's future:

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.”

Is it hopeless?  When confronted with a seemingly impossible problem, remember the statement attributed to the author George Bernard Shaw who wrote, You see things; and you say “Why?”  But I dream things that never were; and I say “Why not?”

Isn’t it time for us to ask, “Why not?”


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