People fleeing high-tax states to lower-tax states during the pandemic: Report

Last year saw large numbers of people migrate from blue states such as New York and California to red states such as Florida and Texas , according to research.

The Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan group that generally favors low taxes, used data from the census and commercial datasets from U-Haul and United Van Lines to compile a list of which states had the biggest population inflows and outflows. The group noted that many of the states people are leaving have higher taxes than states where people have been relocating.

New York, which is notorious for its high taxes, was the state with the largest percentage decrease, with a drop of 1.8% from April 2020 to July 2021. Washington, D.C., experienced a whopping 2.8% loss. Other states with big losses include Illinois, California, Massachusetts, and West Virginia.

As for increased migration, Idaho clocked in with the most growth at 3.4%, followed by states such as Utah, Montana, Arizona, South Carolina, Texas, Nevada, and Florida.
Movers in Brooklyn by Handiwork NYC is licensed under Unsplash