MELUSKEY: The First ‘YEY’ For FAIRtax

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  • Source: FAIRtax
  • 04/09/2021
The following statement is from long-time FAIRtax supporter Alex Meluskey. Alex has worked very hard through his radio show and at countless events to educate people on the benefits of passing the FAIRtax. 
Alex is now running for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate in Arizona. While Americans For Fair Taxation is a non-partisan organization, Alex is the only candidate in the race that has endorsed true tax reform—the FAIRtax. 
Due to time crunch of campaigning, Alex has shared with us a quick statement about his race and support of the FAIRtax.  We believe that it is important that our supporters be aware of candidates who support the FAIRtax and who have made their support an integral part of their campaign.
Here is a three minute video by Alex answering questions about the FAIRtax.

Fellow FAIRtax supporters, I am Alex Meluskey, FAIRtax State Director and Republican Candidate for the U.S. Senate in Arizona. The FAIRtax is the only tax plan which will have a profoundly positive effect on our economy. For America to regain its place as the world’s economic superpower we must drastically and urgently create good paying jobs, put more money in people’s pockets, and get the IRS off the backs of small business.
Passing the FAIRtax will be one of my top priorities when I reach the U.S. Senate, and when we get it to the floor, mine will proudly be the first YEY vote cast.

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