Marc Abear: A fair tax system means everyone pays a little

To The Daily Sun,

President Joe Biden describes his $3.5 trillion spending scheme as a way to improve the economy and "build back better." It is going to work every bit as well as his evacuation from Afghanistan.

Most upper income people are small-business owners and investors. Since when in America do we have an explicit policy of punishing success? That makes sense to Biden… but his Afghanistan withdrawal plan made sense to him… Do you see where I’m going with this?

Another troubling trend in tax policy is that since the coronavirus hit, the share of people who pay no taxes at all has gone up a lot. Brookings Institute shows six of 10 households paid no federal income taxes during pandemic-stricken 2020. That's right, ZERO. Now, where’s the fairness in that? It is troubling that we keep narrowing our tax base. Doing so increases our dependence on a small, increasingly important minority.

If the Biden plan passes, it dramatically expands tax credits for children. It also offers more loopholes. In that case, this percentage paying zero could rise to  70 percent of households. How fair is that? Isn’t that the stated goal, more fairness?
P20210604AS-0336 by The White House is licensed under flickr U.S. Government Works

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