FAIRtax Friday And The Chairman’s Report - November 18th, 2016

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Few of us have not encountered a person who offered to perform a service and had two prices—one for cash and one for a check or credit card.  Most of us know that there is between a one percent to three percent expense associated with accepting credit cards.  However, the difference in price is generally 20% or more. 
Although we know the reason, if we ask why the large discount, generally the person offering the discount looks at you like you must not be very smart.  Many times they will just tell you that cash payments are not reported and this allows them to offer you the discount.
Even though most Members of Congress are aware of the growing evasion problem, many of them seem to be in denial and think that they can just change the income tax/payroll tax model and suddenly people will stop evading the taxes.  
As I told Speaker Paul Ryan, when people evade the federal income tax they also evade the payroll tax and any state income tax.  Therefore, reducing the federal income tax rate to 20% still involves a true rate of 20% plus the 15.3% of payroll/Medicare taxes and any state taxes.  This is likely to be 40% or more.  If a person has already decided it is okay to avoid paying taxes on part of their income, why are they going to be okay with not paying zero but 40% of their previously undeclared income?
An Updated Evasion Schedule
We have determined that Congress and the Trump team need to be shown confirmation of evasion by a professional.  Then it is no longer anecdotal and is even more difficult to ignore.
We are proud to announce that Dr. Richard Cebula has agreed to update his evasion study and to forecast evasion trends. Here is the agreement for the study:
TOPIC/TITLE: Estimating the aggregate magnitude in the United States of future under-reported income and the resulting future lost tax revenue to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) during the next decade if the Income Tax System (Internal Revenue Code) remains in place
PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Richard J. Cebula, Ph.D., Walker/Wells Fargo Professor of Finance, Jacksonville University
TIME FRAME: Project completion by March 1, 2017
STUDY OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study is to provide estimations of the aggregate degree of future income tax evasion for the United States, both in terms of the magnitude of under-reported income and the resulting loss in IRS tax revenues, for a period covering the forthcoming decade, beginning with 2017.
There have been a number of estimates of the magnitude of the so-called “underground economy” over the years. These include studies by Tanzi (1982), the Bureau of Economic Analysis (Ledbetter, April, 2004), Cebula and Feige (2012), and the IRS (2010, 2016), among others.  The present study will focus upon the IRS (2010, 2016) estimates as well as those of Ledbetter (2004) and Cebula and Feige (2012). The study seeks to establish whether and to what extent the various tax evasion series are stationary, i.e., mean reverting, so that the future path of the series on average is stable in percentage terms. The tests that will be performed will start with 1986, the year during which the Tax Reform Act of 1986 went into effect, and when, according to Cebula, Coombs, and Yang (2009), there is evidence suggesting a modest shift in the propensity to undertake income tax evasion.
Once that task is undertaken, the focus will turn to predicting the future degree of aggregate income under-reporting.  The study will provide estimates which represent both a realistic upper boundary for the degree of income under-reporting and a realistic lower boundary for income under-reporting in the aggregate. These boundaries will be established for the next decade, by year. It is anticipated that the IRS estimates of the “tax gap” will likely constitute both the most credible estimate to Washington lawmakers and at the same time provide the most acceptable and conservative estimates of income under-reporting in the aggregate over time. The Cebula and Feige (2012) estimates will likely provide the highest estimates of under-reported income.
Once those forecasts are completed, the attention will be directed towards predicting the actual lost tax revenue the IRS will face over the same 10-year time frame as a consequence of income under-reporting. The analysis will separately consider each viable set of estimated under-reported income and assess (1) the resulting extent of lost revenue to the IRS using a reasonable measure of the average income tax rate, (2) the resulting extent of lost revenue to the IRS using a reasonable measure of the minimum positive income tax rate and, finally, (3) the resulting extent of lost revenue to the IRS using a reasonable measure of the maximum income tax rate.
The above estimates will be undertaken for each individual year of the next decade, beginning with 2017. Subsequently, the upper and lower ends of the cumulative lost tax revenue will be estimated for the entire decade combined. These highest and lowest estimates of lost income tax revenue will clearly correspond to the most revenue that will be lost and the least revenue that will be lost because of the tax system dependence upon the Internal Revenue Code.
Following the analysis of the income tax, this study will address the fact that the standard cost/benefit model underlying the decision to engage in income tax evasion does not readily apply to the proposed sales tax, i.e., Fair Tax. It is shown that the sales tax system offered by the Fair Tax would be very difficult to circumvent. Considerations such as the transactions costs associated with evasion, including potential illegal collusive behaviors, along with a variety of impracticalities, would make the Fair Tax very difficult to circumvent or even try to circumvent. Indeed, it is shown that the opportunities to engage in sales tax evasion would be both very limited and very complex to address and therefore typically hardly worthy of serious consideration in most cases. Furthermore, incentives to attempt such evasion would be low because of the perceived equity of the Fair Tax (as well as the appealing simplicity thereof).   
POLICY IMPLICATIONS: The estimates of future under-reported income and resulting concomitant lost tax revenues imply larger budget deficits over time, and those deficits damage the economy in a host of ways, including elevated long term interest rates and reduced purchases of new plant, equipment, and technology by firms. A major policy implication of this scenario is the superiority of a well-designed replacement for the income tax system in the United States, i.e., replacement thereof by the FAIR TAX, which would benefit from negligible tax evasion and arguably be superior to the income tax on equity grounds as well.

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Dave Barry is a humorist but this statement also reflects the growing sentiment in our country.
“The IRS spends God knows how much of your tax money on these toll-free information hot lines staffed by IRS employees, whose idea of a dynamite tax tip is that you should print neatly. If you ask them a real tax question, such as how you can cheat, they’re useless.”

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