FAIRtax Friday And The Chairman’s Report - November 11th, 2016

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On November 8, 2016, the country sent a message that has rocked the D.C. elite.  Most candidates for President have been “politicians” who have bought into the idea that there is a line that they must not cross.  They can promise what is needed to be elected but they must not cross the line.
What is the line?  It is the line that separates upsetting the network that allows the D.C. elite to profit both while in office and after they leave office, and doing the best for the American people.  This is perhaps the main reason that regulations and complexity have continued to increase under Democrat and Republican administrations.  Regulations and complexity, and the threat of increased regulations and complexity, bring in lots of money to the politicians, former politicians and their friends.
This is also the reason that the elites have not wanted to change the present incomprehensible income tax code.  As we learned in Peter Schweizer’s book Extortion, the threat of changing income tax treatment of various industries results in large donations to the politicians and large payments to lobbyists who are often former elected Members or their staffs.
Say what you want about Donald Trump, he has been successful by doing what works and not doing what doesn’t work.  If he sees something that is not working, he wants to change it.  He has been able to succeed despite the barriers created by complexities and regulations.  He knows that there are some regulations that make sense and some things just have to be complex.  However, he also knows that there are many regulations and complexities that don’t make sense and need to be changed.
Tax Reform

Americans have not only elected Trump but have also ensured that Republicans are the majority party in the House and Senate.  They have said that they want a big change because Washington is broken and Trump has the ability to make change.
This is why we have an opportunity to really drive a stake into the heart of the income tax system.  The American people don’t want “false” change to the income tax system.  What is “false” change?  It is simply taking the present incomprehensible income tax code, making changes and then saying that it is reform.
Trump looks at the income tax system and sees a broken and destructive system that is a barrier to economic growth and the prosperity of the American people.   What scares the elites is that he doesn’t think that people should profit from increased complexity and regulations but from actually doing something that creates economic growth.  In other words, they should get real jobs.
The FAIRtax aligns with the stated objectives of President-elect Trump:
  • It solves many of the unfair trade practices by not taxing exports but insuring that imports are taxed and no longer encouraging U.S. companies to move jobs overseas. 
  • It removes complexities and regulations that hamper individuals and businesses and cause decisions to be made not for economic reasons but for income tax reasons.
  • It clearly shows the real cost of government to all Americans on the receipt of every purchase they make.
  • It greatly reduces tax evasion.
  • It saves $450 billion of needless money spent on attempted compliance with the income tax.
  • It returns America to the indirect tax that was provided in the Constitution.
  • It increases the freedom of every American. 
Our Opportunity

Thomas Edison said that “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

Well, we have work to do.  We need to be loud and persistent in demanding real change to the present corrupt income tax system.  If we don’t, then we will get the “false” tax reform that the D.C. elites want. 
However, we have a lot of allies.  Vice-President elect Mike Pence was a FAIRtax co-sponsor while in the House.  Mike Huckabee was a spokesperson for Mr. Trump and is in a position to strongly influence the tax reform debate.  Almost all of our co-sponsors in the House and Senate were re-elected. 
It is vital that you show your support for the FAIRtax by not only writing and calling your elected representatives but also by contributing to Americans For Fair Taxation.  We need your contributions to ensure that we can be a major force in the coming tax reform battle.
Please don’t miss this opportunity.  If you can contribute money to AFFT please do so.  However, even if you cannot contribute money you can pick up the phone and call your elected Representatives in the House and Senate and demand that they support the FAIRtax.
Winston Churchill said, “Americans will always do the right thing after exhausting all other possibilities”.  The right thing is the FAIRtax.


Don’t Allow False Tax Reform
The results of this election clearly show that the future of tax reform will be decided next year. Americans For Fair Taxation “(AFFT”) is one of the few worthy activities that does not spend your funds on salaries or even office space.  It is a group composed of people who are donating their time and even paying their own expenses. 

AFFT has been working for a long time to educate people about the FAIRtax. Oscar Wilde said, "You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies."  If you agree with this sentiment, then look at the enemies of the AFFT.  It is not the people.  It is the D.C. elites who profit from the existing income tax/payroll tax system—even though it is obviously harming the U.S. By contributing (investing) $10.40 per month, you help provide a financial base to AFFT.  If you can make larger contributions (investments) these will be used not for salaries, as we are all volunteers, but for the needed updates to our economic studies which will be vital in 2017.
Please go to this link to invest in AFFT and in your and your family’s future.

New FAIRtax Book

AMERICA’S BIG SOLUTION - An Introduction to the FAIRtax

You can help introduce someone to the FAIRtax by informing them of this book.  As the title indicates, it is an introduction to the FAIRtax and is directed toward people who may have heard of the FAIRtax but are not really sure of just what it is.  Written by Florida volunteer Terry Tibbetts, the book offers a light hearted approach to a serious subject, reforming the federal tax system.  America’s Big Solution gives the reader enough information to get them started in their examination of the most thoroughly researched tax reform proposal our country has ever seen.  “ABS”  is intended for people who may not be attracted to social media for all the latest news and would like to gather their information in a more traditional form that is not limited to a 140 character “tweet” or a Facebook post. 
You can find America’s Big Solution on the three most popular platforms -- Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the Apple iBook Store.  To purchase  the electronic form for the Amazon Kindle or the print form, go to this website. To find it for your Barnes & Noble Nook, go here. And if you’re an Apple user, go to the iBook store at this site.  The print version (only available at Amazon) is $9.25 whereas the electronic versions are all priced at $2.99. (Apparently electrons are less expensive than paper and ink!) All royalties go to Americans For Fair Taxation.
Please share this information with everyone you know. The more people know about the FAIRtax, the easier it will be to steer Congress into the only REAL tax reform proposal on the table at this time.

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FAIRtax Power Radio

FAIRtax Power Radio
“I have been a supporter of the FairTax since about 2000 and I try to continually educate myself on the strengths of the FairTax as well as the arguments that people use against it. Your podcast is perfect for me to add to my studies.”  This is an excerpt from an email The FAIRtax Guys received from Bryan of Tennessee recently and accurately expresses the purpose of FAIRtax Power Radio. 
Bob Paxton, the creator of FAIRtax Power Radio, is a Florida volunteer with previous radio experience and someone who is devoted to getting the FAIRtax passed into law as soon as possible. He invited Ron Maiellaro, another Florida volunteer, to join him. Together they are “The FAIRtax Guys” and they have created a series of podcasts that not only introduce the listeners to the FAIRtax but also discuss the many different aspects of the FAIRtax as it relates to the economy, our Constitutional rights, politics, business and anything else that comes to mind. After all, the FAIRtax will affect every aspect of American life. 
The free 30 minute podcasts cover all aspects of the FAIRtax including an entertaining introduction, how the FAIRtax increases purchasing power for everyone, how the FAIRtax promotes business, an interview with a Congressman, a comparison of the FAIRtax to the current income tax and the flat tax and even several visits from Thomas Jefferson. The FAIRtax Guys take current events, such as the national elections and discuss how the FAIRtax will help create jobs and improve the economy.
You can listen to FAIRtax Power Radio online or download the podcasts on Spreaker.com, iTunes or iHeartRadio.  These platforms have free apps for smartphones so you can listen at any time.
The listenership for FAIRtax Power Radio is expanding but in order to reach out to enough American to create a groundswell of support, we need your help.  After enjoying FTPR, please let others know about it by sharing the links and websites in the previous paragraph. 
Please introduce everyone you know to FAIRtax Power Radio.  As The FAIRtax Guys say in every episode, “The FAIRtax: When you understand it, you’ll demand it!”
Links for Further Information

Please, if you'd like to keep studying and promoting the FAIRtax, make yourself familiar with the links below. We always do our best to keep our AFFT community up to date, and you can stay ahead of the curve using these convenient sites.

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