Chairman’s Report - November 7, 2014

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  • 04/09/2021
Phil Hinson, Tom Brown, Jim Duffie and the Georgia FairTax® team demonstrated how you can explain the FairTax to a candidate and then prepare them to respond to the inane attacks from their opponents.  Senator Elect David Purdue supported the FairTax during his primary and in the general election.  He showed that no spurious attack cannot be effectively answered and his FairTax support helped him obtain many more votes than expected and achieve a decisive victory.  The FairTax is a winner and all we have to do is educate the candidates.
We are still on schedule to have the new website ready to go by the middle of December. 
Randy Fischer  and the Communications Work Group are preparing to roll out our texting program to all of our FairTax groups and on social media.  People can text to become a member and be sent a link to the membership page.  They can also text to obtain more information and will be sent information.  Next weeks FairTax Friday will provide you with the information on how to use this great tool.

Since the election, we have received requests from some of our biggest supporters in Congress to come to Washington, D.C. in early December and discuss how we can all work together to ensure that the FairTax is front and center when tax reform is discussed.   We are setting up meetings now and will keep you posted.
AFFT and our state FairTax groups are going to be called on to get AFFT members at a much faster pace.  We need AFFT members so that we can show Washington, D.C. that they people support the FairTax and we need AFFT members because the membership revenue is equally shared with the states.  This allows AFFT and our FairTax groups the ability to financially expand our efforts to ensure that the FairTax has to be considered when tax reform is discussed.
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