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  • 04/09/2021
St. Patrick’s Day and Tax Reform
Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day.  St. Patrick was actually born in Britain and first came to Ireland when he was captured by Irish pirates and brought to Ireland as a slave.  At the time, Ireland was a land of Druids and believers in other forms of religion.  After a vision in which God told him to go to the coast and find a boat, Patrick  returned to England and decided to become a Catholic priest. 

Thirteen years later he returned to Ireland and is credited with converting thousands to Christianity and building Catholic churches across Ireland.  He is said to have died on March 17th and this is the reason that the Irish celebrate his life on this date every year.

How This Relates to Our Job

FAIRtax supporters are confronting the task of “converting” the people who are being oppressed by the present terrible income/payroll tax system.  While none of us can claim to be even close to the stature of St. Patrick, and promoting tax reform is certainly not in the same category as promoting Christianity, we probably have something in common with St. Patrick and other’s who have worked to make positive change in society.

FAIRtax supporters are confronting many entrenched groups who place their interests ahead of real tax reform.  There is no longer any real dispute that the FAIRtax does so much more for our economy and our freedoms.  However, either ignorance, fear of change or just simple greed often seems to slow our efforts.

Remember Gandhi

I get frustrated when a D.C. person listens politely to my explanation of the FAIRtax and its positive benefits and then tells me that they prefer making some minor changes to the present income tax/payroll tax system.  It is like we must be speaking a different language.  However, Gandhi’s four steps in any movement that refuses to stop are:
  1. They ignore you.
  2. They laugh at you.
  3. They attack you.
  4. You win. 

An Irish Joke

I met a man the other day named Flanagan and I said, 'You're a happy man.'

He said, 'I am.'

I said, 'Why?'

'Well,' he said, 'the Income Tax people have been after me for 20 years, driving me mad, to get money out of me, driving me crazy with worry. But, this morning I got a letter from them and it said: FINAL NOTICE.'

'Thank God,' he said, 'I won't be hearing from them again.'

If we continue, we will win and the Irishman will be right and we will have received the “Final Notice” from the IRS because they will be gone.
America’s Big Solution
The website is working well and we are seeing more and more people respond to this message.  America does need a big solution and the FAIRtax is the big solution!  The new tool that will allow all of us to get more of our friends and neighbors familiar with the FAIRtax is being tested.  We know that if most people learn about the FAIRtax, they will become supporters.
Two long-time Florida FAIRtax supporters, Barb and Nick Rudelic, had a motorhome that was a traveling FAIRtax sign.  Now they have downsized to a PT Cruiser but they still promote the FAIRtax as the big solution as shown below.

1040 Club
To those of you not familiar with the 1040 Club, AFFT is asking people to contribute $10.40 per month to AFFT. This provides a steady funding platform and allows us to spend our time not trying to raise money but actually working with groups to help make passage of the FAIRtax a reality. Thanks to each of you who have joined the 1040 Club.  You are ensuring that Americans For Fair Taxation can continue to promote the FAIRtax.
If you are not a member of the 1040 Club, or if you are a member but want to join for someone else, please go to this link and sign up.
FAIRtax Power Radio
Recently The FAIRtax Guys interviewed Randy Fischer who is a local Marion County, Florida volunteer, a Board member of FFTEA, a Board member of AFFT and the Chair of the AFFT Communications Committee.  The main subject of the interview was the new AFFT campaign “America’s Big Solution” and the new website,  We split the interview into three segments which are now included in Programs 26, 27 & 28 of FAIRtax Power Radio.  The links to these programs are included below.
I recommend all FAIRtax Leaders spend the time to listen to Randy explain how the new campaign was conceived, how it was developed and what we hope to achieve with it.  If you want to be an effective FAIRtax leader, you need understand this new campaign and FTPR is one of the most efficient ways to gain that knowledge.  
To listen to FTPR on SoundCloud (free and audio only) go to these links:
To “watch” the radio show on YouTube (also free) use the following links:
AFFT National LOGO Store
Your FAIRtax Store carries both 6 foot and 8 foot banners made of 13 ounce commercial grade vinyl material printed on one side and hemmed all sides with grommets spaced every 12 inches.  The placement of the grommets allow hanging/displaying in any event environment.

The photo below shows a banner hanging from a standard 8 foot long event table at a recent AMAC Convention in Central Florida. Please note that these banners are only 28” in height which allows hanging from a standard table without hitting the floor.

Don’t forget, for every banner ordered, you will receive a free FAIRtax Thermos with carrying case valued at $24.98.  The SS Thermos is double wall constructed for insulation of hot or cold liquids and has a screw on top, spill-resistant lid plus pop up lid for pouring. The carrying case is black leatherette zippered with an adjustable strap. Both the SS Thermos and case have FAIRtax logos.

Visit your National FAIRtax Store frequently and secure supplies for educational meetings, debates, town hall meetings, and other political events. Don’t forget to order extra supplies of FAIRtax Palm Cards – never run out of Palm Cards when the opportunity exists to educate the public.

Thank You For Opening The FAIRtax Chronicles, Our Sponsored Mailings
We plan to do several of these mailings each month. If you take a minute to open the sponsored emails and click through to the website, you are making an in kind contribution to AFFT. It is not required to actually make a purchase, but your minute of time will ensure that AFFT is paid ever larger amounts from people paying for us to send their offers to our supporters.
Again, we are making every effort to ensure that we work with only reputable companies. If you feel that any FAIRtax-sponsored email is objectionable, please email us at and tell us why. You can also opt to not receive these sponsored email messages but still receive FAIRtax emails.
Thank you for staying FAIRtax strong!

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