Chairman’s Report - January 2, 2015

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  • 04/09/2021
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Slavery and the Income Tax
The 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified in December of 1865.  This is the amendment that abolished slavery and involuntary servitude.  One definition of a slave is someone that has to perform a task for no pay and against their will, and if they do not perform the task in a matter acceptable to someone else they will be punished and maybe even sent to prison.
Preparing our income tax return is a task we have to perform without pay and if we don’t, we will be punished and forfeit our property, financial holdings and most likely be sent to prison. This is clearly involuntary servitude and not something anyone would ever do if given a choice. 
Think how different we would feel if on New Year’s Day we woke up and there was no longer an income tax return or an IRS?  This would mean the end of this form of involuntary servitude. 
Ironically, when necessary to fund or protect our government, most of us consent to this form of involuntary servitude not realizing that it is unnecessary, harms the economy and does not collect the necessary revenues. 
The way to resolve this is simple-- replace the income tax with the FairTax. 
The leaders of the new Congress have pledged to remove one of the biggest obstacles to passing the FairTax, static scoring.  This type of scoring, which is supposed to predict the money raised by various tax proposals, ignores the growth of the economy created by the FairTax.  With dynamic scoring, the economic effects of the FairTax are factored in; showing conclusively that the FairTax raises the necessary government funds without forcing involuntary servitude on America’s citizens.
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