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Would President Reagan Support the FAIRtax?

Last week’s lead article was devoted to Washington and Lincoln.  On February 6, 1911, Ronald Reagan, another great president, was born. 
Many of us remember the feeling of desperation that was gripping the country when Reagan became president in 1981.  Prior to his inauguration, the Iranians had been holding our citizens hostage for 444 days.  Home mortgage rates were in excess of 17%.  Inflation was going at a rate of 13.5%.  Unemployment was increasing and businesses could not afford to expand.
Many believe that largely because of Reagan’s warning to Iran that he would take decisive action if the hostages were not released, the hostages were placed on a plane in Tehran as Reagan delivered his inaugural address.
While it did not happen immediately, Reagan’s policies and positive communications to the nation helped bring down unemployment rates, interest rates and inflation.  The economic recovery continued until more recent times when foolish government policies and criminal greed created an economic disaster.
Reagan On Taxes
President Reagan believed that income taxes should be reduced as much as possible.  After all, the people worked to earn the money for themselves and their families—not for the government.
President Reagan distrusted the bureaucracy and often expressed his concern about unelected people making regulations that impacted our citizens.  However, if any criticism is due President Reagan, it is that by passing the Tax Reform Act of 1986 he left the roots of the income tax in place.  And the income tax system pared down by Reagan has grown back.  Since 1986, the Tax Foundation has stated that there have been more than 10,000 changes to the Act.
All of these “changes” have totally undone the reforms proposed by Reagan and have led to a more complex and ineffective system.
Reagan Would Support the FAIRtax
Based on conversations with people who knew Reagan, like Cindy Canevaro—our former Executive Director-- and from reading numerous biographies of Reagan, it is clear to me that President Reagan would be an enthusiastic supporter of the FAIRtax.
This is because the FAIRtax does the following things that were very important to Reagan:

  • Totally places in the hands of the citizens the way to determine how much tax they pay based on their purchases of new goods and services;
  • Eliminates the need for citizens and corporations to file complicated and intrusive income tax returns;
  • Eliminates the IRS;
  • Rewards the government when the economy prospers because then it receives more revenue and penalizes it if the economy falters because people will spend less;
  • Rewards hard work and savings because the more you make the more you get to keep and there is no federal tax until the citizen chooses to spend;
  • Removes the incentives to move businesses and U.S. jobs overseas;
  • Greatly improves U.S. exports and makes U.S. products more competitive against imports;
  • Ensures that all of our citizens see the cost of government multiple times a day because it is not hidden, as it is now, but clearly apparent with every purchase;
  • Allows people wanting to reduce government to point to the costs of various programs and show that the FAIRtax rate payable by the individual can be reduced by the amount saved—something that cannot be done now. 
It is for these reasons and more that I believe President Reagan would be an ardent supporter of the FAIRtax.  A great communicator like President Reagan is needed now to force the D.C. elite to give up the control they have through the income tax and pass the FAIRtax.
America’s Big Solution
The FAIRtax is America’s Big Solution and we need to redouble our efforts to get it passed. has simple information that will help people sign up both financially and to receive more information about the FAIRtax. 
1040 Club
To those of you not familiar with the 1040 Club, AFFT is asking people to contribute $10.40 per month to AFFT. This provides a steady funding platform and allows us to spend our time not trying to raise money but actually working with groups to help make passage of the FAIRtax a reality. Thanks to each of you who have joined the 1040 Club.  You are ensuring that Americans For Fair Taxation can continue to promote the FAIRtax.
If you are not a member of the 1040 Club, or if you are a member but want to join for someone else, please go to this link and sign up.
FAIRtax Power Radio
Recently The FAIRtax Guys (actually Bob) interviewed Randy Fischer who is a local Marion County, Florida volunteer, a Board member of FFTEA, a Board member of AFFT and the Chair of the AFFT Communications Committee.  The main subject of the interview was the new AFFT campaign “America’s Big Solution” and the new website,  We split the interview into three segments which are now included in Programs 26, 27 & 28 of FAIRtax Power Radio.  The links to these programs are included below.
I recommend all FAIRtax Leaders spend the time to listen to Randy explain how the new campaign was conceived, how it was developed and what we hope to achieve with it.  If you want to be an effective FAIRtax leader, you need understand this new campaign and FTPR is one of the most efficient ways to gain that knowledge.  
To listen to FTPR on SoundCloud (free and audio only) go to these links:
To “watch” the radio show on YouTube (also free) use the following links:
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