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Do you need to visit your Member of Congress? Doug Dash, DD, NJ-01, will be in Washington DC as a delegate to the International Association of Letter Carriers on April 25, 26, and 27, 2018. Doug thinks he will have opportunities to break away from his convention and visit members of Congress for FAIRtax. If you would like for Doug to visit your member in DC, or his or her staff, please e-mail Doug at, or phone him at 609-828-6919.
Beginning with this piece, I would like to spotlight grassroots members and their activities. Please send me your contributions.
I met Doug at a FairTax seminar in 2005 conducted by Jason Posey at a hotel near the Philadelphia Airport. The event was attended by volunteers from Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We formed a New Jersey table during the dinner break and exchanged contact information. Two weeks later, we started the New Jersey Group, and Doug, of course, was there.
Doug has been one of the most enthusiastic, loyal and dependable members of the FAIRtax Team over the thirteen years I have known him. Doug has booked us meetings with his Congress Member, first Rob Andrews and now Donald Norcross. If there is a street fair or event, Doug and his colleague, Jerry McManus are there. There is no telephone conference or meeting that Doug misses.
Doug is retired but remains active in his union. Doug’s activity in his union gives us FAIRtax-ers access to office holders on the side of the aisle that usually shuts us out. His union bona fides and his FAIRtax credentials gets politicians from both parties to listen. In the last session of Congress, Doug’s efforts in Washington helped get Tennessee Congress Member, Marsha Blackburn, TN-07, to co-sponsor our bill.

Doug Dash, holds a B.S. in Music Education from West Chester State College, Pennsylvania and undertook graduate work before enlisting in the Army. Doug served in the Army two years, including a tour of duty in Vietnam, where he received various service commendations. After his service in the Army, Doug taught school and worked in insurance before joining the U.S. Postal Service. Doug retired from the Postal Service in 2006 after 28 years.
Doug and his wife, Janet, live in Collingswood, New Jersey. They have two daughters and one granddaughter. Doug and Janet both have musical talent; Doug sings in his church choir and was part of the musical reception when the Pope recently visited Philadelphia.
Doug heard about the FAIRtax online and attended a meeting thirteen years ago in Philadelphia. Doug found FAIRtax to be in accord with his views concerning excessive government and punitive taxation.  Doug has been involved with FAIRtax as the District Director for NJ-01 ever since the Philadelphia meeting. Doug finds inspiration to work for the FAIRtax from the future of his granddaughter, the country, and the cause of freedom.

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