What is the FairTax®?

The FairTax is a simple, fair and transparent solution to replace our current tax system.

It treats all citizens equally and allows American businesses to thrive, all while generating the same tax revenue for the government through the establishment of a national retail sales tax of 23% on new goods and services.

This is possible. Learn how.

Only the FairTax IRS

Our Tax System is Broken

Today, our current tax system consists of over 73,000 pages! How can any one person understand something of this size?

You can't because there is nothing simple or easy about our current tax code. We can't find anyone who doesn't agree that our system is broken. Can you?

We have the solution.

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To learn if the change we're proposing is fair to all people - young, old, poor, middle-class, wealthy - no matter where you are in life.

To decide if you agree with the idea of a fair tax system for all Americans.

To make a choice to support our cause and take action.

To make a difference.

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Big Changes Need
Loud Voices

Only we can make enough noise before our government will listen. It’s been done before. Women's rights, civil rights and now, the next right - the right for a fair tax system - for our children and us.

How? Vote for a candidate that will do, not talk. Write, call or email Congress. Let your voice be heard. Then, we'll see if Washington has the courage to make a big change.

Get Involved. Learn How.

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